Why should astronauts be isolated when they come back from the moon? What’s on the moon?

Since the development of modern science, the first planet on which human beings have landed is the moon. NASA made a strict inspection plan before the astronauts entered the moon. Before landing on the moon, they not only need to carry out detailed inspection work, but also need to carry out isolation for a period of time after they come back from the moon. Some people once thought that this was just unnecessary, but in fact, astronauts did have accidents on the moon.


What happened to the astronauts?


Apollo astronauts who once landed on the moon have all reflected such problems. After they finished their lunar exploration, they entered the lunar module and found that they all had uncomfortable symptoms. When they communicated with the ground staff, they often sneezed and coughed. Although the moon is the closest star to the earth, the environment of the moon is very bad because there is no atmosphere above the moon. Some people think that the environment on the moon is so bad that it is not suitable for life. Why do astronauts have to check after they come back from the moon? Isn’t that unnecessary?


We can see that although the astronauts who landed on the moon really took a big step, they developed uncomfortable symptoms after entering the lunar module. Is this caused by microbes on the surface of the moon? But in fact, this is not the case. Scientists believe that the reason why astronauts have such symptoms is actually caused by the dust of the moon. After all, since the birth of the moon, after billions of years of sun exposure, there are a lot of particles on the surface of the moon. These particles have strong adsorption capacity, so when astronauts enter the moon, they will inevitably inhale these particles.


What’s on the moon?


The moon is a weightless environment, even if the astronauts are wearing heavy protective clothing, they are often prone to fall, which makes the whole body covered with dust. Even if there is an air conditioning and filtration system after returning to the lunar module, there are still many remnants into the spacecraft. These particles have a great impact on the respiratory system of astronauts, so astronauts will have this kind of discomfort symptoms.


The impact of these particles on human beings and all equipment is obvious. In fact, they carry static electricity, so when they are adsorbed on various equipment, they will affect the normal operation of the equipment, and even interfere with communication. In December 2013, China’s Yutu lunar rover broke down due to the influence of lunar particles.


So human beings are still very small in front of the planet and the universe. Even if our scientific and technological level has taken an important step, it is still not worth mentioning in the vast universe. Astronauts look very bright, but we can’t imagine the pain behind them.

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