Why should humans protect tigers? It turns out that tigers are so important to maintain ecological balance

Why do humans protect tigers? Tiger is so important to the whole ecological balance

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The earth is a beautiful blue planet. On this planet, there are not only intelligent human beings, but also various kinds of animals and plants. Rich and colorful animals and plants constitute the earth’s stable ecosystem. There are more than ten million species of organisms on the earth. In the course of billions of years of changes, many organisms on the earth have been extinct after five mass extinctions. There are very few ancient organisms that can reproduce to the present.


The earth’s ecosystem is a very complex biological chain. There are no creatures without natural enemies. They interact with each other and form a perfect and stable ecological system. If there is a problem in one link, such as the extinction of an animal, it will have a certain impact and damage on the whole ecosystem.

However, with the rise of human science and technology, the demand for human activities and resources, environmental pollution and the destruction of vegetation, as well as a large number of hunting, many animals have become extinct, and some animals are at the risk of extinction, such as the panda, which we know well. And tigers, which are at the top of the food chain, are at risk of extinction.

Tiger is a very beautiful large carnivorous cat, known as the king of the forest, is one of the animals at the top of the food chain. In ancient times, there were many animals. At that time, people did not dare to enter the forest alone, especially when tigers appeared at night. Therefore, the ancients were proud of fighting tigers, which was a heroic move.

With the advent of the era of science and technology, with more advanced weapons, it is easier for hunters to kill tigers. Moreover, tigers are all precious. Therefore, many people have come up with the idea of killing tigers. In addition to the destruction of vegetation by human beings, the forest is becoming less and less. Therefore, the number of tigers is rapidly declining. According to the research of experts, in the early 20th century, there were about 100000 tigers in the world. However, with the invasion of tiger habitat and the indiscriminate hunting and killing of tigers, there are only more than 3000 wild tigers in the world.


This speed is amazing. If we don’t protect tigers well, we may never see tigers again in the near future. Maybe in the eyes of many people, the extinction of tigers has no effect. There are extinction of creatures on the earth every year, which is nothing. But the impact of tiger extinction is very big. Why? To answer this question, we should start with the importance of tigers to the whole forest ecosystem.

As we said earlier, the earth’s ecosystem is a complex biological chain network, in which every plant and animal occupies a position. The law of the jungle is the basic law of nature. Rabbits eat grass, sheep eat grass, and tigers eat sheep and wolves. There is a mutual restriction between these creatures. What will happen if rabbits and sheep die out? If the wolf has no meat to eat, the wolf will die out. If the tiger has no food, it will also die out. In this way, the whole ecosystem will be completely destroyed.

Tiger is the top predator in the forest. It often preys on wild boar, deer, sheep and other herbivores. If there is no tiger in the forest, these herbivores will have no natural enemies, and then they will breed in large numbers, and the number will grow rapidly.


Once herbivores become a disaster, the destruction of forest vegetation is quite serious, and a large number of plants are slowly nibbled. When there are no plants in the forest, the ecology of animals that depend on plants will face a huge disaster, which may lead to their extinction. After the extinction of herbivores, the carnivores, which are mainly herbivores, will also starve to death due to lack of food. In this way, the whole forest ecosystem will collapse. Are you serious?

I believe many friends know that the Sahara desert is the largest desert in Africa and the world, with an area larger than that of the United States. How did such a huge desert come into being? According to the research of scientists, it is caused by human activities in ancient times. Long ago, in order to survive, human ancestors began to spread around the world. Some people discovered the Sahara region.

At that time, the Sahara desert was an oasis with rich vegetation, so our ancestors settled down here and began to breed a large number of herbivores, such as cattle and sheep. In particular, sheep, which are herbivores, have a bad place, that is, eating plants will uproot, which will not give plants the chance to grow again.

In this way, before long, the oasis in the Sahara region disappeared, there was no vegetation to fix sand, and desertification began here. And the ancestors of mankind once again left here, looking for a new oasis.


It can be seen that once the herbivores breed in large numbers, the damage to the vegetation is quite serious. Fortunately, there are tigers, the top predators in the forest. They can often clean up these herbivores, so that they can not breed in large numbers. This effectively protects the vegetation in the forest, so that the herbivores can reproduce in a virtuous cycle. With food, the carnivores can also live well, and the tigers can It’s a good life.

It can be seen that although the tiger is the top predator in the forest, its role is very important. The territory area of tigers can reach more than 500 square kilometers. Therefore, if there is a tiger in the forest with a radius of about 500 kilometers, the ecology of this forest will be very well developed and will not be completely destroyed by herbivores.

If the tiger is extinct, the earth’s ecosystem will also bear heavy losses, so it can be said that to protect the tiger is to protect human beings. In fact, the stability of the earth’s ecosystem needs not only the maintenance of tigers, but also other animals. For example, sparrows used to be very annoying to human beings.


In the past, sparrows were really overgrown in the countryside. When the grain harvest was coming in autumn, they would be destroyed in groups, which made the farmers extremely upset and helpless. Therefore, people specially organized the action to eliminate sparrows. Why are there so many sparrows in the past? The main reason is that its natural enemies have become less and less, and the number of many natural enemies of sparrows has become less and less, and some of them have even been extinct. Therefore, sparrows are allowed to breed in large numbers, which has become a sparrow disaster.

With the large-scale killing of sparrows by human beings, the number of sparrows became less and less, and now it is even less, so it has become an animal in need of protection. So is sparrow really harmful? Of course not. Sparrow is also a very good insect catcher. It can also help the field to catch many harmful insects. If the sparrow is extinct, it will also increase the number of insects, causing some damage to the ecosystem.

Our earth is not only the home of human survival, but also the common home of thousands of species. If this home wants to be harmonious and stable, it needs the efforts of all living things on the earth. Animals and plants are an important part of the earth’s ecosystem. Only by protecting animals and plants and allowing them to maintain a good biological chain cycle, can the earth’s ecosystem be stable and beautiful.

If the earth ecology is completely destroyed, the earth will no longer be suitable for human survival, and human beings will have to give up the earth and migrate to other planets. And we’ll never see the animals, the plants. If there are no animals in this world, then how lonely and lonely human beings will be. Perhaps now only in some rural areas and beautiful scenic spots can people feel the beauty of birds singing and flowers fragrant.


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