Why should the oxygen content of the earth be maintained at about 21%? The result of the surge in oxygen is frightening

Our earth has existed for 4.6 billion years. In such a long time, the earth is constantly evolving and changing. So far, the known mass extinctions have occurred five times.

Human beings have lived on the earth for tens of thousands of years. The birth of human beings is due to the inherent advantages of the earth. The reason why human beings have been able to continue civilization is also due to the natural environment of the earth.


Human life is inseparable from oxygen, in the early Earth environment, oxygen content in the atmosphere is very high, so at that time there were many giant creatures, such as dinosaurs and so on. They are so huge because the amount of oxygen determines how much energy a creature can absorb.

The more energy is absorbed, the larger the individual. If there is no oxygen on the earth, no living things can survive. If the oxygen content becomes thinner, the survival of living things will be limited. Of course, the number of human beings will also be reduced. That’s why the oxygen content of the earth needs to be controlled.

Scientists say that at the earliest time, the oxygen content on the earth was very abundant, as high as 40%. After many mass extinctions, the oxygen content was almost reduced. Until the oxygen content was about 21%, human beings were born.


Now that humans have fully adapted to such an environment, animals also rely on this 21% oxygen to survive. It is precisely because of human’s complete adaptation that human civilization can develop steadily. So someone may ask, is the more oxygen on earth, the better? What would happen to life on earth if oxygen levels soared?

In fact, the more oxygen there is, the better. When the oxygen concentration is lower than 19.5%, it belongs to anoxic state, and when the oxygen concentration is higher than 23.6%, it belongs to oxygen enriched state, which will affect the human body. Oxygen is an important substance in the internal circulation of organisms, and organisms need oxygen to maintain the balance of carbon and oxygen in the body.


If the oxygen content in the atmosphere continues to increase or surge, the earth’s ecological environment will inevitably change, which may lead to the latest mass extinction on the earth, and human civilization will no longer exist.

If the oxygen content increases slowly and the change lasts for a million years or more, then human civilization may not die out. However, not only human beings will gradually adapt to the change, but also other animals and plants will gradually adapt. Then human beings may eventually become a new source of meat for other animals. Next, let’s look at the effects of too much oxygen.

We all know that oxygen is a good combustion aid. If the content of oxygen increases suddenly, the probability of fire will also increase greatly. The most likely place for fire is the forest, and the general forest in the world may start to fire because of the sharp increase of oxygen.


What’s more frightening is that because of the high concentration of oxygen, it will be very difficult to put out the fire. The fire can cause the haze of the earth, leading to the increasingly serious greenhouse effect, a series of chain reactions, and eventually the life on the earth will perish.

In addition to the fire, the rise of oxygen concentration may also make people and animals “drunk oxygen” reaction. This reaction is first seen in animals. So what does “drunken oxygen” mean? Does it have anything to do with our drunkenness.


“Drunken oxygen” refers to the reaction of the body from hypoxia environment to hyperoxia environment. Because it is similar to drunkenness, it is called “drunken oxygen”.

Drunk oxygen can lead to drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms. Maybe people will look for places with low oxygen or take other measures to reduce oxygen intake, but the best way is to create a low oxygen environment as soon as possible, otherwise most people and animals will be poisoned by oxygen and eventually die.

Of course, the impact of the dramatic increase in the earth’s oxygen content is not only the two mentioned in the article, there will certainly be more unimaginable and unacceptable things, and these things will bring fear to people.


What do you think of this? What do you think the impact of a surge in oxygen will be? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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