Why should we have a seven day wake? It turns out that the first seven days are not nonsense

During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, Bian que once passed by the state of Guo, which happened to be the national funeral of the state of Guo. Everyone was very sad. Bianque finds out that it was the prince of Guo State who passed away. But bianque thinks: Why did the prince die early when he was young? So bianque inquired carefully and learned all the symptoms before the prince’s “death”. When bianque understood all the symptoms, he thought for a moment that he was sure that the prince was feigning death.


Bian que believed in his own judgment. He came to Guo State to expound his views to the monarch. However, in that feudal era, the monarch thought that Bian que was disrespectful to the prince. Later, with Bian Que’s efforts, he was able to have a try. So bianque stabbed the prince’s relevant acupoints with silver needles and took some medicine to the prince. In this way, the prince miraculously “resurrected”.


Of course, we all know the following things. Bianque has become famous since then, and is known as a miracle doctor who can “bring the dead back to life”.


In fact, this is called “suspended animation” in medicine. The patient’s breathing, heartbeat, pulse and blood pressure are very weak, which looks like a dead person. In the underdeveloped past of medicine, people usually mistakenly thought that the suspended animation person was dead, and then buried or cremated.


There was a great plague disaster in England in the middle world. In this plague, there were many patients in suspended animation, but people thought they were dead and put them in coffins. These patients often wake up before they are put into the coffin and buried. They are very afraid and can only struggle, but this struggle makes people more afraid and rush to bury them. They also became the rudiments of vampires.


Today, even though science and technology and medicine are very advanced, similar things still happen in many rural areas. When people are found alive after burial and cremated, they suddenly have consciousness. In fact, these are all manifestations of suspended animation. Ancient times left us the custom of seven day vigil, which is not superstition, but respect for life. If you bury your relatives in seven days, and then they wake up and starve to death, it’s really a sin.

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