Why the meat of carnivores is not delicious, they prefer the meat of herbivores, so it is!

Why would you rather eat pork than meat of carnivores? It’s because of this!


Human beings are highly intelligent creatures, compared with other creatures. Human beings are just like gods, while the earth is the mother of human beings. Some people will ask, how did human beings come from? Why are intelligent creatures like humans born on earth? Darwin’s theory of species evolution explains the origin of human beings.


Food, clothing, housing and transportation are necessary for human beings. As long as they are not picky about food, they will eat whatever they can. In fact, human beings are omnivorous creatures, not only eating meat but also vegetables. Have you found that most of the meat we eat is herbivores, but we seldom eat the meat of carnivores. Why?


In fact, human beings like to eat meat. Meat provides a lot of protein and an important energy source for human beings. Food can provide heat for human body and energy for human action. As we all know, meat belongs to acidic food, and carnivores eat meat. Therefore, according to this understanding, the meat of food animals is also acidic, and the concentration is higher. And some people say that the taste of carnivores is not very good. Experts have also said that the meat of carnivores is not absorbed much energy by the human body, and the meat of carnivores is more prone to produce parasites, while the meat of herbivores is on the contrary. They feed on plants, and plants are alkaline. After neutralization of acid and alkali, the meat of herbivores is more delicate, tastes better, and the energy is just right, which is loved by people.


In the natural world where we live, the population of herbivores is also very large and easy to get. But up to now, a large number of herbivores have been cultivated, such as cattle, pigs, sheep and so on. In fact, our ancestors also ate herbivores first, because herbivores were easier to hunt and kill, and there were more. On the other hand, carnivores are hard to hunt because they feed on other creatures. Carnivores are naturally fierce. Ancient people also hunted carnivores very much, and their numbers were rare. In terms of feeding cost, the feeding cost of herbivores is much lower than that of food animals. In terms of taste and nutrients, herbivores are better than carnivores by more than one grade.


However, there are also carnivore meat, which is favored by human beings, such as dog meat. Some people also keep meat dogs for people to eat. Dog meat has a good performance. Its taste is delicate, and the meat is dense and full. Compared with other carnivores, it is much better, and its nutritional value is also very high. Liu Bang, the famous emperor of the Han Dynasty, likes dog meat. It is said that Liu Bang, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, started by selling dog meat.


For eating, human beings are multifarious, and plants have a variety of ways to eat, which makes people dazzled. It’s also a Chinese delicacy, and it’s also a good way for foreign countries to keep their lips and teeth fragrant and make their saliva flow down. What do you think?

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