WiFi has been eliminated, but are you still using it?

Do you believe that the development of science and technology is constantly updated today? 5g era is coming again! So are we facing the situation of WiFi being eliminated? WiFi has been eliminated, but are you still using it?


When will 5g really come? Shang Bing, chairman of China Mobile, said in his speech at the 2017 world mobile conference in Shanghai that China Mobile will accelerate the development of 5g, start scale test in 2018, realize pre commercial in 2019, and realize scale commercial in 2020. In addition to China Mobile, Huawei also said that 5g network will be commercialized on a large scale in 2020. 5g comprehensive utilization of different bands at the mwc2017 conference, Huawei demonstrated its 5g full spectrum access technology. 5g technology integrated access to C-band, 3G band and millimeter wave.

Now that the information network is so fast, Xiaobian believes that there will be many people who are enjoying the convenience and rapidity. At the same time, they can’t help but sigh that the trend of the times is so great. How lucky they are to be born in this trend!


So the question is, will WiFi be eliminated? Let’s imagine that if 5g becomes popular, it was also proposed at the just concluded people’s Congress that the traffic fee will be reduced, that is to say, in the future, our traffic fee will be greatly reduced or even free. As long as the flow is opened, 5g’s fast and convenient effect is absolutely unexpected! Everyone doesn’t have to worry about how fast the traffic is, how convenient it is for us!


5g network, the fastest download speed can reach 1g per second, a movie is finished in the blink of an eye. If it is attractive enough in terms of tariff, the faster 5g network and unlimited traffic packages should be the biggest threat to WiFi. In fact, many netizens and Xiaobian have started to use a company’s unlimited traffic package. No matter where we go, we don’t need to connect other people’s WiFi. We can use our own traffic at will, and even open hot spots for others. The most important thing is that the network speed may be faster than that of ordinary families! In fact, even if the 5g era does not come, WiFi seems to have been threatened.

So, with the arrival of 5g era, do you believe WiFi will be eliminated?

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