Will 2021 continue to be extraordinary in 2020? Scientists make predictions, the situation is not optimistic!

For many people, 2020 is an extraordinary year. Extreme natural disasters have occurred in various countries, seriously affecting the survival of mankind. For the whole earth, environmental degradation has become a certain trend. What have we experienced this year? Will the earth be better in 2021?


What happened in 2020?

When it comes to 2020, we have to say that there is a sudden epidemic. While many people are still preparing to celebrate the new year, an unknown virus is coming quietly, which has seriously broken our new year’s plan, life and work. Although the level of human medicine has been very developed, many serious problems have been overcome one by one, but in the face of these unknown viruses, there are still some helpless. Fortunately, in the face of the epidemic in China, the people of the whole country have done everything well, united as one, and the epidemic has been effectively controlled. It’s just that there will be a recurrence before the new year, and we still can’t take it lightly.


Before the end of 2019, a wildfire started to burn in Australia, which lasted until the spring of 2020. Fortunately, Australia was in the rainy season, and a heavy rainfall watered down the fire. However, the situation of wildfires has just eased, and the fires in California have followed. According to the latest data, the fire is likely to continue until next year, and the fire in Australia started to burn again some time ago. This is an unprecedented disaster for Australia, which directly led to the displacement of billions of animals and the destruction of a large number of green vegetation.


When it comes to 2020, we have to say that the natural creatures will retaliate against human beings. This year, the locust plague in East Africa will have a great impact. A large number of locusts will even come to China soon. Of course, the environment in China is not suitable for the survival of locusts, so the crops in China will not be greatly affected, but it is not a good place for other countries where locusts go The news is that as long as the locusts arrive, the food crops will be inevitable. According to the data of scientists, the smallest group of small insects can eat 35000 people’s rations every day.

What will 2021 look like?


Of course, the driving force behind all kinds of natural disasters this year is actually the deterioration of the earth’s environment. With the rise of global temperature, extreme high temperature events emerge in endlessly. The Arctic is covered with ice and snow all the year round, and the high temperature has exceeded 38 degrees. These are actually the natural environment’s warning to mankind. After summing up the changes this year, many people are also curious about 2021. So now Can we solve the problems in the next year?


Although many countries have formulated relevant policies to protect the earth’s environment, in the face of the general trend of deterioration, the remedies made by human beings do not seem to have much ideal effect. For the situation in 2021, many scientists think that it is not optimistic. Maybe what we will experience in 2020 is just the normal situation in the future, so human beings must improve their awareness of crisis, otherwise the earth’s environment will continue to deteriorate The first impact of deterioration is survival. Maybe a food crisis is brewing. What do you think?

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