Will black holes be the hope of the future? Master these three kinds of black technology, or change the future of mankind

Black hole is a kind of silent and empty existence, but it makes scientists so eager to explore its mystery. Black holes are undoubtedly the most mysterious existence in the universe. In the past few years, scientists have never stopped exploring the universe and studying black holes. They have been explaining how black holes formed, and we are gradually learning more about this strange celestial body. But do you have such a question in your mind, what is the use of the existence of black holes?

Light is trapped in a black hole, X-ray and electromagnetic radiation are trapped in it, and there are other cosmic signals. What can we use to observe? There’s no way.


I don’t know what’s going on on the other side of the black hole, because there’s no information to go through the event horizon. Known theory holds that there is a “singularity” near the center of each black hole, that is, density, which is infinite.

In other words, the mass is all contained in zero volume. We can only use our imagination about what happened to the matter in the black hole, and scientists have considered all the possible situations.

After passing through the horizon, any mass object will accelerate inward to the singularity. When the material is close, it will experience a large tidal pressure. Because the singularity contains a huge mass, and the density is infinite, the gravity of the end of the object near the singularity will be significantly greater than that of the end of the object back to the singularity. It is characterized by a gradual increase in mass, just like noodles.


In the end, everything that goes into the black hole disappears.

The huge gravity of the superluminal black hole makes it difficult for light to escape. Its powerful energy completely subverts human cognition. Then, what impact will such powerful energy have? Many scientists study black holes very deeply. They point out that the use value of black holes may be studied by human beings because of black holes


Three technologies

These technologies may bring about great changes in the future.

First: space portal


In fact, this view has been put forward for a long time. Some scientists believe that black hole is actually the gateway of another universe, which is connected with another world, both the exit and the entrance. Under the action of its strong gravity, the black hole will continue to compress the long-distance space, just like a spring, constantly squeezing, making the distance very short. In this area, the two spaces will be connected and the distance will be greatly reduced. The first million light years may be in a flash.

The second: the land of eternal life


As we all know, black holes are very huge. Many scientists believe that after entering a black hole, space-time will be completely in a static state, that is, eternity. Human aging will not happen. At that time, maybe human beings will reach the state of immortality. Although this is similar to a frozen human body, humans can not move, but if humans develop artificial black holes, they can save human data and leave a legacy for future generations.

Third: time travel

This topic has been discussed many times. Many people think that black hole is a distorted space-time existence, where time will pass very slowly. It is very likely that the spaceship stayed in the black hole for one year, but the earth has spent more than 100 years. This may be a fairyland in ancient legend, but there is no heavenly palace there.


We can’t praise the fact that human beings are really open-minded about what they can do with black holes. However, black holes are still unknown until now. Before we have strong enough technology, we should not easily try to do things without confidence. But I believe that in the future we will be able to uncover the mystery of black holes!

Guys, what do you think of these black technologies? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!


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