Will China’s celestial eye find anything when it starts the search for extraterrestrial civilization and looks for signals deep in the universe?

Hundreds of years ago, mankind embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, we soon realized our dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

Facing the vast universe, we can understand how small the earth is and how small human beings are. While lamenting the vastness and mystery of the universe, we are constantly thinking about a question: does alien civilization exist? Some people may say that although the universe is big, the earth and human beings are unique, and there can be no other intelligent civilization.


But on the contrary, isn’t the existence of earth and human being just the strong evidence of the existence of alien civilization? Is the solar system and the earth special and unique in the universe? Of course not. By observing the vast sky, we find that the diameter of the Milky way outside the solar system is 100000 light-years, and within this range, there are 100-400 billion stars.

Every star is basically accompanied by a stellar system, and the solar system is just one of hundreds of billions of stellar systems. Within the 93 billion observable universe, there are at least trillions of large galaxies like the Milky way. But let’s not forget that 93 billion light-years is not the whole universe, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

From the perspective of the vast universe, the number of earth like planets is too large to be counted. Many of them are ecological planets very similar to the earth, and the possibility of life and civilization is also very high. Therefore, whether from the perspective of the vastness of the universe or the age of 13.8 billion years, the existence of alien civilization is beyond doubt.


Since there are a large number of alien civilizations in the universe, how can we find them? The most direct way to find an alien civilization is to go to various galaxies in the universe to explore, so that you can observe the situation of the stars at a close distance, and it is clear whether there is life and intelligent civilization.

Of course, it will take a long time for human beings to realize this wish. For a human civilization that can’t get out of the solar system, the way to find an alien civilization can only rely on telescopes. Ordinary sky telescope can only observe a planet very similar to the earth at most, so it is speculated that this planet may have intelligent civilization.


To really determine whether there is an alien civilization in a galaxy or a planet, we need to use another sharp tool, which is the radio telescope. Radio telescope is a kind of astronomical telescope. Its way to search the sky is to judge by signals. We should know that there are a lot of radio signals in the universe, most of which are sent out by various celestial bodies or some cosmic phenomena.

In addition to these natural signals, there may be signals from alien civilizations in the universe. If a civilization enters the era of science and technology, or even has entered the era of interstellar civilization, then the application of wireless signal is essential. Moreover, the more powerful civilization is, the higher the energy intensity of the signal will be, and the easier it will be received by us.

Of course, there may be signals of alien civilization in the universe, but it is not easy to find them. A powerful radio telescope is needed. The Chinese sky eye is the most powerful radio telescope in the world.


China Tianyan is an autonomous space telescope led by the Chinese Observatory, which was officially completed on September 25, 2016. China’s sky eye not only has China’s own intellectual property rights, but also is the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world. It can use the spherical reflector to form a 300 meter aperture instantaneous reflection paraboloid in the direction of radio power supply, so as to track all celestial bodies in the range of constantly changing relative positions, and can track signals 13.7 billion light years away! Its actual performance has been ten times higher than that of Arecibo radio telescope.

Such a powerful Tianyan naturally has important uses, and one of the most important missions is to search for extraterrestrial civilization. From the official completion of Tianyan in 2016 to 2020, China Tianyan has completed the test, and officially announced on April 28, 2020: Tianqi extraterrestrial civilization search plan.


As China’s heavenly eye is very powerful, its search range and sensitivity are also very high, so our expectation for it to search for extraterrestrial civilization is still very high. Maybe some friends will say: it has been decades since human beings searched for extraterrestrial civilization by searching for cosmic signals. Until now, there has been no result at all. Can the heavenly eye find something?

We have no doubt about the correctness of searching for extraterrestrial civilization through cosmic signals. This is the most promising way for human beings to search for extraterrestrial civilization. If there are a large number of interstellar civilizations in the universe, it is inevitable that wireless signals will continue to spread in the universe, and there is also a possibility that powerful alien civilizations may have already observed the earth, and suspect that there may be civilizations on the earth, so they aim the powerful wireless pulse signal at the earth and send radio waves to human beings.

This kind of directional radio wave, the energy level will undoubtedly be very high, and very accurate, once it comes to the earth, the probability of being received by us will be very high. And this kind of signal can be easily distinguished from the natural signal, they will be very different. If we can receive such signals, we can naturally prove the existence of alien civilization.


Depending on the powerful search ability of the celestial eye, as long as there is a signal of alien civilization entering the solar system, then the possibility of being found is very high. Moreover, through telescopes, scientists have also found many earth like planets very similar to the earth, as well as some galaxies suspected of the existence of alien civilizations. China’s heavenly eye is not searching blindly in the universe, but aiming at several key areas to make it easier to find.

If there is an alien civilization, then there will be some traces of outflow, wireless signal is undoubtedly the best trace. It is believed that China’s heavenly eye will make great discoveries in the near future after efforts. Some scientists once said that the first evidence of the existence of alien civilization discovered by human beings may fall on China’s heavenly eye, hoping that it will live up to human expectations.


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