Will consciousness disappear after death? Scientists used their lives to do an experiment to subvert cognition

In nature, every living body is full of desire for survival, and death has always been a terrible topic. Although modern human genetic technology has been very developed, it can not achieve immortality through genetic technology, and even the extension of life can not be achieved.


Human beings not only explore life, but also never stop studying death. Antoine Laurent lavassie is a famous chemist and biologist, known as the “father of modern chemistry”. In his life, he has done thousands of experiments, and the most impressive one is his last crazy experiment.

He recorded how many times his eyes could blink after being beheaded by the executioner. The experiment found that even if he was decapitated, his head was separated from his body, and there was no blood supply, he could blink 11 times, which also proved that there would be conscious residue after decapitation.


Human consciousness can exist for dozens of seconds, not disappear immediately. Modern medical experts have explained this, saying that it is because there is still residual blood circulating in the brain, so it will not stop working in the first time.


Duncan McDougall, a doctor in Massachusetts, made an experiment to verify “the hypothesis that the soul is matter, and use the experiment to prove the existence of soul matter”. He designed a bed mounted on a very sensitive scale, found several seriously ill experimenters, let the dying person lie on it, and then accurately measured the weight of the person all the time to see the weight change at the moment of death. The lightness of the moment of death is partly due to the lost part of death, which McDougall calls the weight of the soul. The result shows that the weight of the soul is 21g less than that of the soul.

However, some scientists think that the soul weighs 21g is nonsense. As for why people’s weight still drops after death, Dr. Clark thinks that after death, the function of breathing and blood circulation stops, the thermoregulatory system fails, and the blood can no longer be cooled by the fresh air in the lungs, which leads to an immediate rise in body temperature and accelerates the evaporation of body fluids. So the fallacy of “21g soul” should stop here. As for the weight of the soul, so far there is no data to show that the soul has weight.


Since then, the study of death has entered the category of quantum mechanics. Under the guidance of the theory of quantum mechanics, scientists once again put forward a new definition of the soul: the essence of human consciousness is the current of the nervous system, which is produced by the entanglement of many electrons, and the superposition of electrons collides with each other to produce human consciousness. People often say “the spark of thinking collision” may be based on this.


However, people’s death will not affect the movement of electrons, and these superimposed electrons will entangle, but the brain nerve, as the carrier of current, has died. Therefore, maybe consciousness is still continuously input into the brain, but the brain can no longer do any output. It can’t command the human body to make actions. At this time, the body is in an unconscious state.

For this explanation, it shows that there will be no soul after death. However, some scientists have put forward another conjecture. If we can create a container that can hold consciousness, is this another way to achieve immortality? Xiaobian believes that if human beings can exist for hundreds of thousands of years, they may eventually exist in the form of consciousness.


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