Will crocodiles recognize their owners after a long time? Do crocodiles bite when they are pets?

I have to sigh that the burden of human beings is really great, and some seemingly very dangerous animals dare to raise them.

Even driven by this curiosity, many people keep trying to raise all kinds of high-risk reptiles.


Nowadays, people’s conditions are better, but the spiritual emptiness can not be filled by any material.

But keeping pets can fill the hole in the heart from another level. Will crocodiles recognize their owners after a long time? I’m afraid the answer is something you don’t want to hear.

At present, crocodiles that people can see in nature can not be raised privately, which is illegal. And there are some pet crocodiles on the market, but the number is rare, and the category is also very limited.


For example, Thai alligators and caimans can be raised. But these pet crocodiles grow up to at least 2 meters, so they need a lot of space. Although many people are more curious and confident about themselves, I’m sorry to tell you how to raise the crocodile and how long it has been.

You treat it as a pet, it treats you as food. Will crocodiles recognize their owners after a long time. The answer is No. although many people don’t want to admit it, that’s the truth.


Humans treat them as pets and raise them in their own way, but they don’t think so in their heart. They are wild and brutish, which can not be tamed by human beings, and they are extremely dangerous.

There are also some reptiles such as boa constrictors and spiders, which are also emotionless and very dangerous. We should keep them carefully and try not to keep them if possible.

Crocodile bites can cause obvious bleeding, which is very dangerous. And animals smell the smell of blood will only be more excited, will not show half of the human reluctant.

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