Will crying lead to “poisoning”? The body is constantly “twitching”, is one of the manifestations of poisoning!

Crying serious when the body will “twitch”, this may be “poisoning”, you have appeared?


Crying is a common human emotion. When I was a child, I couldn’t get what I like, or when I did something wrong, I was criticized by my parents. The sense of grievance arises spontaneously. Tears whirl in my eyes, and the emotion of crying appears. Because these emotions have been with us since we were born, it’s not surprising when they appear.


In some emotional times, you will find a very strange phenomenon. After being scolded by your parents, even if you close your mouth and want not to cry, you can’t control it at all. Your body will have “convulsions”. When we were young, we thought it was because we were too afraid of being scolded. However, when I cry when I grow up, the same situation will still appear. We think this may be too excited. Why do we have “convulsions”? What causes it? Experts said that in fact, this is a manifestation of poisoning.


The scientific name of this poisoning phenomenon is respiratory alkalosis, which is a common phenomenon, especially in the case of strong breathing. In the process of crying, the speed of breathing becomes faster and faster. This way of breathing is the main cause of respiratory alkalosis, so how can breathing make the body poisoned? Which link is wrong? Is it just as the rumor says that oxygen is really a chronic poison to human body, so that human beings can only live for decades?


In the process of crying, because of emotional excitement, there will be shortness of breath. Originally, breathing is a process of gas exchange. Rapid breathing, increased speed of gas exchange, less inhalation and more exhalation will lead to increased carbon dioxide exhaled. Due to the lack of carbon dioxide in the plasma, bicarbonate ion reaction will be reduced, and the pH value in the blood will rise Under normal circumstances, the pH value of human blood is between 7.35 and 7.45. When crying, the pH will rise greatly. When it is higher than 7.45, respiratory alkalosis will occur.


In different cases, there are different parts of convulsion, lack of calcium ion will lead to muscle convulsion, lack of potassium ion will lead to weakness, lack of sodium ion will lead to nausea and headache. After these symptoms appear in the body, the more shortness of breath by the lake, the ions in the plasma will be reduced again, and the human body is like entering a dead cycle. The solution is to stabilize your mood, stop crying and breathe smoothly. Or use a sealed instrument to cover your mouth and nose, such as a small glass or a piece of paper, to breathe carbon dioxide in again, which can significantly alleviate the situation.


What kind of people are more likely to be “poisoned”? The first is the children. Their ability to control their emotions is worse, and they will cry more and more severely. If you have certain contact with the baby, you will find that the baby will often cry out of breath, which is very likely to lead to respiratory alkalosis. There are also a group of people who are pregnant women. In the process of fetal growth, the need for metabolism will be greater, and they are crying It’s easier to be “poisoned” when it’s time. Have you ever had a “twitch” while crying?

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