Will Einstein’s prediction come true? Russian scientists suspect wormhole, star trek to achieve?

In the eyes of the scientific community, wormholes are the media for Star Trek. Scientists have made a lot of efforts over the years, but wormholes never appear. Some time ago, Russian scientists announced that they had detected a wormhole, 13 million light-years away from the earth. If this discovery is confirmed, it means that Einstein’s prediction will come true.


As early as 1916, Austrian scientists first proposed the concept of time-space tunnel. Since then, scientists have found that time-space tunnel may really exist. This is what the scientific community calls wormhole. Einstein thought that its exit is controlled by dark matter. If human beings can find it, they can travel in time and space, and even reach the parallel universe. Although we have entered the 21st century, and the level of science and technology has been improved qualitatively, until now, people have only found traces of black holes, and wormholes are still at the theoretical level.

Have humans found wormholes?


There is no doubt that the discovery of Russian scientists is exciting. After a long period of research, they believe that wormholes and black holes have similarities, which means that humans may have found wormholes, but mistook them for black holes. Maybe the supermassive black holes discovered by scientists are the legendary wormholes. Scientists believe that the temperature of the wormholes is extremely high, reaching at least 10 trillion degrees Celsius, which means that a lot of plasma will gush out of the wormholes, forming powerful gamma rays, thus opening the entrance of the wormholes.


Scientists believe that wormhole entrances exist in galaxies 13 million light-years away from earth. Humans have discovered the existence of wormholes, which means that the entrance of wormholes has been opened. If humans can overcome the speed, then it is likely to realize star trek. In addition to the discovery of Russian scientists, many scientists believe that wormholes should be everywhere in the universe. Besides Einstein and Hawking, those who adhere to this theory mean that if we can monitor wormholes around the earth, we will not have to consider the Centaurus Galaxy 13 million light-years away.

But wormholes are very small, which can’t be detected by human eyes. Maybe the black holes we found are also the link connecting the parallel universe. For human beings, the universe is always mysterious and distant. Maybe there is another world hidden behind the mysterious celestial bodies we found.


At present, Russian scientists are still in the process of observation. If humans really find wormholes, it will be twice the result with half the effort for us to realize star trek. What do you think?


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