Will global warming stop? Is it a good thing that mankind may enter the “ice age”?

Since mankind entered the industrial age, we have emitted a lot of greenhouse gases to the earth. With the increase of greenhouse gas content, extreme climate appears more and more frequently. Especially in 2020, natural disasters of different degrees have broken out in many countries, and many people even say that this may be the precursor of the end. Although there is no scientific basis for this, we have to admit that 2020 is a very critical year. Perhaps the natural disasters experienced in 2020 will become more and more frequent in the future.


Will global warming stop?

Just as scientists call for controlling global warming, the scientific community has published the latest data. Maybe global warming will stop and the earth will cool down soon. This is the conclusion given by the British scientific research team. They believe that global warming has become a fact. With the melting of glaciers, a series of chain effects will be triggered in the future, so that when the earth’s environment is in an unbalanced state, it will enter the ice age. Scientists believe that the ice age was caused by global warming. If all the Antarctic glaciers melt, fresh water will enter the Atlantic Ocean, which will change the ocean current and reduce the earth’s temperature.


This is not the only conclusion of British scientists. As early as 2020, Japanese scientists had already made a conjecture. They claim that perhaps in 100000 years’ time, the earth will usher in a new ice age. The reason why the earth’s environment has changed so dramatically is that human beings themselves are responsible. Although scientists are worried, many people are still very happy. If the earth enters the ice age in the future, does it mean that global warming will stop? Isn’t that a good thing?


Is cooling the earth a good thing?

The important view is still very one-sided. Whether the earth is warming or cooling, it means that the earth’s environment has broken the balance point. If the earth really enters the ice age, it means that the temperature will drop rapidly, a large number of crops will be frozen back, and animals will lose their habitats. Therefore, we will see that many species are on the verge of extinction, and mankind may usher in a new round of food crisis, which is also a great test for mankind.


Therefore, the earth cooling and global warming are not a good thing for human beings. 2020 has become the past, and according to the data of scientists, the temperature in 2020 may become the highest record in recent years, which does not mean the end. The global temperature will continue to rise this year. Therefore, some people are pessimistic that the earth will disappear because of the greenhouse effect before human beings enter the ice age.


No matter what kind of natural disasters are, they are fatal to human beings. Therefore, we must raise our awareness of environmental protection. If the earth’s environment continues to deteriorate, let alone 100000 years, perhaps in the near future, the earth will become lifeless. What do you think?

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