Will greenhouse effect lead to drought and famine in the second half of the year? Netizen: we are not afraid at all!

Is the greenhouse effect not alarmist? The drought in the United States is intensifying and there is no food to produce in the second half of the year?


The development of science and technology has promoted the process of human civilization. With the continuous development of the times, human demand for resources is gradually increasing. And the acquisition of resources, sometimes need to destroy nature. Now the earth on which human beings depend has been destroyed and broken. If human beings continue to do so, there will be a disaster in the future.


2020 is the most extraordinary year in the world. Disasters occur frequently in the world. Not only epidemics, but also natural disasters are very common. The United States is now experiencing the largest drought in hundreds of years. The U.S. weather service said that many states in the United States have been covered by drought. Drought will lead to the reduction or failure of grain production. If it goes on like this, many countries in the world will fall into a bigger disaster in the second half of this year, when there may be a global famine. Although the United States is very rich, it has no resistance to nature.


Most of the causes of drought are due to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect will increase the global temperature. It may lead to the acceleration of species extinction and frequent occurrence of various natural phenomena. The power of typhoon and tornado will be gradually increased, especially in the United States where thousands of tornadoes are formed every day. This year, there are more and more typhoons on the sea, and their frequency is becoming more and more frequent. It will also increase the temperature of the ocean, which will lead to the departure of the living creatures living on corals, and corals will soon die, which will lead to the reduction or extinction of the area of corals. The chain reaction may completely change the biological structure of the ocean.


The greenhouse effect will cause glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise. Now we know that glaciers in the north and south poles are melting in large areas, and polar creatures such as polar bears and penguins are in danger. Facing the crisis of survival, I heard that green vegetation appeared at 6159 meters of Mount Everest. Global warming will not only bring abnormal climate, but also lead to various disasters, which will inundate coastal areas. It is possible that the original virus thousands of years ago will be unsealed, which may threaten the safety of human survival.


So what is the greenhouse effect. We can think of the earth as a vegetable greenhouse. When the sun shines on the atmosphere, that is, the plastic film layer, it will make the surface temperature rise. The gases emitted by animals and plants in the greenhouse, such as carbon dioxide, methane, hydrofluorocarbons and so on, will increase the temperature and aggravate the environment. Any human activity will cause greenhouse gas emissions. If human beings are not active, then human civilization will stop moving forward. But human beings need to reproduce and control the greenhouse effect. We must protect our earth and control greenhouse gas emissions, so as to effectively maintain the ecological balance.


The harm of nature is very disadvantageous to human beings. The only thing we can do is to make rational use of resources, protect the earth and control the greenhouse effect. If human beings want to survive, they must protect the homeland on which we live.

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