Will Hawking’s prediction come true? In 2020 or the hottest year, will the earth return to 90 million years ago?

Many people are concerned about the future situation of the earth, and scientists are also worried. According to the current rate of deterioration of the earth, in the future, mankind is likely to face many threats. Hawking once predicted that with the improvement of economic level, mankind will face many problems when using all kinds of energy in the future. By 2600, the earth may become a fireball because of the rising temperature. If human civilization wants to continue, it must go to another planet.


The situation of the earth’s environment

Many people feel incredible after hearing Hawking’s prophecy. They think Hawking is just worrying. Can human behavior really change the whole earth? Although it seems impossible, in fact, today’s human beings are facing such a situation. 2020 has passed. Many people believe that 2020 is the hottest year in recent years. That is to say, in this year, the Antarctic broke the record of 20 degrees, and Siberian people went swimming in the lake for the first time. It can be seen that the Arctic is also experiencing a rare event in 80000 years High temperature.


Although the temperature begins to drop sharply at the end of 2020, and we also feel the coming of winter, the temperature in 2020 is still very high. If the temperature continues in 2021, the earth will be hotter in the future, and Hawking’s prediction may come true. Once the global temperature rises rapidly and the glaciers in the north and south poles melt completely, the impact can not be underestimated. The unknown virus hidden in the permafrost may be released into the atmosphere, which is likely to trigger a new round of crisis.


The earth 90 million years ago

Scientists are worried after seeing such a temperature situation. If it develops at such a speed, will the earth return to the environment of 90 million years ago? Will the Arctic sea ice disappear completely in the future? What would the earth look like if the glaciers at the north and south poles were not there? In the distant past, Antarctica was not today’s harsh environment. Scientists believe that 90 million years ago, Antarctica used to be a warm swamp. The temperature of Antarctica used to be as high as 19 degrees Celsius. If in the future, the glaciers in Antarctica will disappear completely, will Antarctica become what it was 90 million years ago?


No matter what the earth’s environment will look like in the future, we can’t ignore Hawking’s prediction. Today, global warming has become a national topic. In order to control the situation of global warming, all countries have formulated relevant policies. Only with the joint efforts of all mankind can global warming be curbed.


Therefore, the development of science is full of two sides. Although our living standards have been greatly improved, the situation faced by the earth’s environment can not be ignored. If the earth can not support human survival, what is the significance of making more money? I don’t know what you think?

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