Will Hawking’s prediction come true? What does the red “blood snow” in Antarctica mean?

Few people can go to Antarctica, so in our eyes, Antarctica is a deserted and sacred place, which has been covered by heavy glaciers for many years, just like a paradise. With the development of human civilization, the earth’s environment has been seriously damaged. Although Antarctica is the southernmost point in the world, the environment is still polluted. Some time ago, scientists discovered that there was a strange phenomenon in Antarctica. Perhaps Hawking’s worry is becoming a reality.


Red “blood snow”


Since ancient times, Antarctica has been shrouded in mystery. In the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, they believe that there is an alien base in Antarctica, and the place where aliens come to earth is Antarctica. Scientists have indeed found some mysterious traces in Antarctica, but they can’t tell if they are left by aliens. In addition to these phenomena, some time ago, scientists found that bright red suddenly appeared on the glaciers in Antarctica. These red colors are extremely dazzling in the endless white. It’s astonishing to us. How did the blood snow form?


Although the red is covered with white snow, it is not real snow, but a kind of algae growing in Antarctica. This kind of algae is red, so the illusion of blood snow appears. In our eyes, the temperature in Antarctica is very low, only a small number of animals and plants can survive here. Why do these algae spread in Antarctica? After scientists came to Antarctica to explore, they found out the root of the matter. As the global temperature continued to rise, Antarctic glaciers began to melt. In 2020, the temperature of Antarctica also broke 20 degrees Celsius, which provided a unique condition for the growth of algae. Originally, these algae had entered the dormancy period, and with the increase of temperature, these algae also gradually disappeared I wake up.


Is Hawking’s prediction coming true?


Although the vitality of nature is strong, but after seeing this phenomenon, it also sounded the alarm for mankind. Even the coldest places have not been able to escape the doom of rising temperature. Is it true that, as Hawking said, with the development of human civilization, by 2600, the earth will become a fireball?


This is not the most serious situation. There are many corpses of ancient creatures and unknown viruses buried under the thick glaciers. As the corpses of ancient creatures gradually emerge, viruses and bacteria tens of thousands of years ago will also enter the atmosphere. If these viruses and bacteria invade the human body, can we completely overcome them with our current medical level?


What’s worse is that with the rise of sea level, many coastal countries and developed cities will also be submerged to the bottom of the sea. At that time, human civilization may really face the end, and we can only see the destruction of our own civilization. So protecting the environment is never just talking about it. Only when you take action can we live longer. I don’t know what you think?

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