Will human beings evolve into more advanced intelligent creatures?

Now there is a view that human beings are at the end of evolution, or they think that human beings have evolved completely, but according to the research of scientific theory, this is not the case at all.

Today, human evolution is relatively slow, but it is still evolving, because evolution never has a direction, and it can only evolve according to the change of natural environment. Of course, there is one point to explain that human beings never want to have any characteristics. For example, if a person wants to have wings, even if he waves his hands 10000 times a day, he will not grow wings.

So which direction will human beings evolve? Will human beings evolve into more advanced intelligent creatures? In fact, according to the current living environment, we can fully predict.


The first is the human ear nose throat system. In this system, the most important thing should be the nasal system. With the industrial revolution, the second industrial revolution and the further development of the information revolution, environmental pollution has become more and more serious, especially the haze in Beijing. Therefore, when we breathe this air, our bodies will be able to automatically filter harmful substances. Then these bodies with strong worry mechanism will be selected by nature.

There is a scientific basis for this. For example, there is resistance to epidemic diseases. In the history of the spread of the black death in medieval Europe, some people did not respond to it, but the remaining one third of the population actually had antibodies.

After all, in the history of human existence, human beings have been fighting against all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms for a long time. Of course, since human beings have also invented airplanes, high-speed rail and other means of transportation as carriers, human beings can spread bacteria and viruses, so microorganisms will be more closely related to each other. So if a disease spreads to another environment, some people have antibodies, and some people do not have antibodies, then the survivors basically have antibodies.


Of course, the impact of the earth on human beings is also very important. For example, the earth’s environment has not changed greatly. As we all know, human evolution is determined by the natural environment. Therefore, human evolution is not very fast. After all, it is not like a uniform linear motion. A small part of the time will evolve rapidly, while most of the time will evolve slowly.

At the same time, it can also be found that the fossils of transitional species between the two species are actually very rare. For example, humans evolved from apes, but the transitional species existed during this evolution are basically difficult to be found by scientists, so this is also an unsolved mystery.

But then scientists put forward a hypothesis, is it because evolution is not uniform? For example, during the period of the industrial revolution in Britain, the air was heavily polluted by coal. At that time, there would be black smoke in Canada and Britain, and there would be black dust on the tree trunks, so the tree trunks were dyed black. Then there was a kind of moth, which was written in the textbook. If it was white, it would be easily eaten by birds, so white moths were slowly eaten Slowly eliminated, the remaining boxes turned into black moths and multiplied in large numbers.


Later, these old capitalist countries began to pay attention to environmental protection, vegetation returned to normal, so the moths returned to white, then the black moths would become more conspicuous and easier to be eaten, so the white moths began to breed in large numbers, and the black moths were washed out.

So this kind of common insects can have such great changes in a short period of several hundred years, which actually means that due to the changes in the local natural environment, they will also change, so it’s local in the small, and it’s the earth in the large.

It can be seen that there is no specific route for human evolution, and there is no arbitrary speculation. It is just that human beings make self changes in order to constantly adapt to the changes of the environment. And when the earth is stable, human beings will not evolve very fast. Therefore, if human beings want to evolve into higher creatures, they need all kinds of opportunities and time.

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