Will human beings take the initiative to eliminate the civilization that is lagging behind them, or will they treat it in a friendly way?

Will human beings take the initiative to eliminate the civilization that is lagging behind them, or will they treat it in a friendly way?


From the first moon landing to now, human beings have never been slack in their exploration of the universe. They have made great efforts to build high-tech equipment such as detectors and telescopes, and have more or less learned about the universe. From the beginning of human exploration of outer space, a big problem arises spontaneously. Is human the only civilization in the universe?

Every time UFOs appear in the sky, alien enthusiasts always like to associate them with aliens. Aliens are often involved in science fiction movies. Whether scientists or other experts, they all fantasize about the real image of aliens, which may be vicious or amiable. However, fantasy should return to fantasy and return to reality. Human beings have not found any aliens The clues of Starman make scientists pessimistically think that maybe human is the only civilization in the universe. In recent years, many evidences directly point to the fact that aliens do not exist. Will human beings take the initiative to eliminate the civilization that is lagging behind them, or will they treat it in a friendly way?


Do aliens exist?


Because many physics theories support the existence of extraterrestrials, such as cosmological principles. Its premise is that the earth is not special. Generally speaking, the earth is extremely small in the vast universe. Since the earth has life, the universe should also have it. Even if the probability of civilization is very low, it is possible in this huge universe happen. Our understanding of the origin of the earth is relatively simple. The origin of life needs not only water, but also other rich resources. Human beings have explored Mars and the moon, even Venus, and have not found any trace of extraterrestrial life.

In the whole solar system, the only planets with water are planets, satellites and even comets, which may produce life. According to the current cognition of human beings, life on the earth may originate near the hot spring mouth on the sea floor, because the temperature there is as high as 300 ~ 400 degrees, and it has a strong acid or alkaline. Primitive life often depends on this special environment to obtain energy.


What is the possible attitude of mankind towards alien civilization?


If human beings really find alien civilization, what kind of attitude will they have towards it? Scientists are full of imagination. If the technology level of alien civilization is lower than that of human beings, human beings may have a bullying mentality towards them, and even want to eliminate them. Some people hold a different attitude. Human beings are rational animals. Even if the high technology of alien civilization is not as good as human beings, they will not kill.

However, it should be noted that there has been more than one explosion of science and technology in the development of mankind over the past few hundred years. These alien civilizations are likely to overtake in a very short period of time. When their science and technology are better than human beings, they may also trample on human beings. Therefore, it is better for human beings to take the initiative in their own hands A wise choice. To put it bluntly, there is a cruel game between human beings and alien civilization. We can’t know each other’s thoughts, we can only make the worst plan. What do you think human beings will do when they discover alien civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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