Will human civilization disappear? How did human beings die out? Scientists see the answer in mice!

No species on the earth can survive forever, all life will perish, and human beings are no exception. In the billions of years of the earth’s existence, we have seen too much life moving from prosperity to decline. There are many reasons for the extinction of human beings, such as planetary impact, nuclear war and the deterioration of the earth’s environment, which may lead to the extinction of human beings. However, in addition to these factors, scientists actually see another reason for the extinction of human beings from mice.


Scientists’ experiments in mice


The scientist, John Calhoun, began experimenting with mice in 1947. He placed the mice in a closed environment and provided them with enough food and water to observe their behavior and reproductive status. At the beginning of the experiment, he chose a barn with a large area. According to the area of the barn, he thought that the number of mice should be about 5000 in two years. But unexpectedly, there were only 200 mice in two years, which was quite different from his expected result.


The number of mice is greatly reduced


In order to solve this secret, he chose another place three years later and continued to provide them with enough food and water. As a result, the reproductive capacity of these mice was greatly reduced. Therefore, he believed that when the mice entered a comfortable environment, they would start to breed vigorously. When the number of breeding reached a stable value, they would not breed any more. As time goes on, mice will behave strangely, and the whole population will fall into a state of stagnation, which may eventually lead to extinction.


According to the scientist, the behavior of rats in confined space is similar to that of human beings. When a species enters into a comfortable environment and no longer worries about its habitat and resources, it will reproduce in large numbers. If the number exceeds the limit, chaos will occur. It is worth noting that the offspring bred in this environment, because they are out of touch with the real world, have no sense of participation and social responsibility. As time goes by, life becomes less motivated, and they become more and more selfish and gradually decline. And in the future, human beings may also experience such a state.


The state of human life


We can observe the modern society carefully. Nowadays, the population growth of various countries has been relatively slow, and the real wealth is still in the hands of a few people. With the increasing pressure of life, many young people do not want to get married and have children. Just because we don’t have enough living resources, we continue to struggle for life. What would we become if we stopped worrying about life?


Scientists believe that if human beings enter a highly developed society and all their work depends on artificial intelligence, then we will lose the sense of participation, just like the mice in the experiment. Therefore, human beings should look for the next colony. Only when we enter a new environment can we release ourselves again.

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