Will humans dominate the earth longer than dinosaurs? There are three possible dilemmas in the future

Human beings are the overlord and ruler of the earth, born millions of years ago. In fact, when human beings were just born, although they already had preliminary wisdom, they were not the overlord of the earth. At that time, there were too many creatures that could threaten human survival.

It is not until mankind has entered the age of civilization that we have truly become the masters of the earth, and this time is only about ten thousand years away. It can be seen that human beings have not really dominated the earth for a long time, which can not be compared with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. You know, dinosaurs dominated the earth for about 160 million years. If it wasn’t for an asteroid hitting the earth that caused the extinction of dinosaurs, it might be dinosaurs, not humans, that evolved into intelligent life first.

From this point of view, humans are very lucky to be born just after the extinction of dinosaurs. If human beings were born in the age of dinosaurs, it is estimated that it will be difficult to develop safely and stably at that time, and they may be extinct by dinosaurs. We should know that dinosaurs are very large, and hundreds of people may not be able to defeat a Tyrannosaurus Rex even with human weak body.


After entering the era of civilization, after about 6000 years of development, we have finally entered the era of science and technology. Since then, mankind has ushered in the era of rapid development. Now we have stepped out of the earth and started to explore the universe. At this time, someone raised such a question: will humans dominate the earth longer than dinosaurs? For this problem, scientists speculate that human beings may face three dilemmas in the future.

The first dilemma: the betrayal of artificial intelligence. As we all know, the computer can be said to be the greatest invention of mankind after entering the era of science and technology. It is with the help of the computer that human science and technology can develop so rapidly. And the update of computer is very fast, the development of traditional computer has come to an end.

Now human beings have begun to stride forward to the era of intelligence, artificial intelligence will become the mainstream of the future. I believe many friends know that in recent years, the development of artificial intelligence is very fast, almost the same as a year. The future society is the era of artificial intelligence, it will enter thousands of households, into all walks of life. Even some important scientific research posts will have the participation of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is very powerful. It has the ability of self-learning, super strong memory and data calculation and evolution. From the day of its birth, artificial intelligence can learn all human knowledge in a very short time. For example, we need to spend 12 years to complete the knowledge accumulation from primary school to university, but it may only take a few hours for AI to complete the knowledge accumulation.


The power of artificial intelligence will make human more and more dependent on it in the future. Whether it is daily life or other important scientific research, it will be very dependent on the power of artificial intelligence. And this will bury a huge hidden danger, that is, the betrayal of artificial intelligence. I believe many people have seen some films about artificial intelligence changing face with human beings after they have their own consciousness.

Although that’s just the plot in the movie, in the real world, when AI develops to the advanced stage, it is possible to give birth to one’s own consciousness and emotion. At that time, AI is no longer a machine and program, but an intelligent life, which we can call digital life.

Once AI has its own consciousness and emotion, will they be willing to serve human beings? We all know that if there are two intelligent civilizations on the earth, it is very difficult to live in peace. At that time, AI digital life might compete with human beings for the hegemony of the earth. Human beings will face a huge dilemma and trouble. If it can not be solved, human beings may be replaced by artificial intelligence and lose the qualification of dominating the earth completely.


The second dilemma: the exhaustion of the earth’s resources and the ecological deterioration. I believe many people know that the development and survival of human science and technology are inseparable from resources. Since ancient times, the resources used by human beings are basically non renewable resources of the earth. Since there was no science and technology in ancient times, the consumption of resources was also very small.

However, when human beings enter the era of science and technology, the importance of resources to science and technology is becoming more and more obvious. Without resources, science and technology can’t develop. With the rapid development of science and technology, the demand for resources is very large. I’m afraid it’s very difficult to support human beings to use these resources for a long time.

Once the earth’s resources are exhausted, human science and technology will first stagnate. The development of science and technology is like sailing against the current. Therefore, once the earth has no resources, science and technology will continue to regress, and human civilization will return to the era of handicrafts. It is not the most terrible thing for science and technology to stop retrogression. Once there are no resources, it will be very difficult for human civilization to continue.

So where is the way out for mankind to face this dilemma? That is the endless universe. The resources of the earth are limited, but the resources of the universe are unlimited. As long as mankind can really open the space age and have the ability of space mining, then all the resources of the solar system can be used by us. And these resources of the solar system can allow human development for more than ten thousand years.


Therefore, mankind is now racing against time. Before the earth’s resources are exhausted, we need to realize free space mining. If it is realized, human science and technology and civilization can continue to be strong. If it cannot be realized, human civilization will face the same fate as dinosaurs and disappear completely in the long river of time.

The third dilemma: the invasion of alien civilization. When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, the topic of alien civilization has never stopped. Although scientists have not yet found any alien civilization, we need not doubt their existence. The universe is too big, too big for us to imagine. In such a vast universe, there can not be only human civilization.

Scientists also believe that alien civilizations exist. If they exist, then human beings will face a huge risk in the future, that is, alien civilizations may invade the earth. One of the reasons why human beings can’t find alien civilization is that human science and technology are still very backward, and they don’t have the ability of interstellar navigation, so they can’t go out of the solar system to explore the interstellar space.


Another reason is that the alien civilization may not have discovered the solar system and the earth. We need to know that the universe is too big. If there is no definite coordinate, we need to be very lucky to know the existence of the solar system and the earth. However, with the passage of time, the existence of the solar system and the earth may not be absolutely safe. Alien civilizations may come to the solar system and discover the existence of the earth one day in the future when they are on interstellar voyages.

Some people may have said that alien civilizations are saviors, good civilizations, and will not attack the earth and human beings. But in fact, Hawking has repeatedly warned human beings not to try to contact with alien civilizations. Hawking believes that any intelligent civilization can be divided into good and evil. Some alien civilizations may love peace and will not take the initiative to invade other civilizations.

And some alien civilizations may be happy to invade other civilizations, like to bully the weak and occupy the resources and earth of the weak and small civilizations. If human beings unfortunately encounter such a malicious civilization, then human beings may face a huge crisis. We should know that a civilization that can make interstellar voyage is far from being resisted by a civilization that has not yet entered the interstellar.

Only when human beings have also become a powerful interstellar civilization, can they fight against the possible arrival of a powerful alien civilization. From this, we can see that strength is the foundation. The above three difficulties that mankind may face in the future all need strength to resolve. As long as the scientific and technological strength of human beings is strong enough, any dilemma can be eliminated by us, and then human beings will become the overlord of the universe.


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