Will humans evolve? The human body is undergoing a variety of changes. Are we preparing for the top civilization?

In the long years, after the cruel natural evolution, human beings have the status of world hegemony. Millions of years ago, human beings could only crawl in the primeval forest. Now we not only stand up, but also create brilliant material wealth and become the Supreme Master of today’s world. Some people think that modern human has become the final form of evolution. No matter how it changes in the future, human beings can no longer evolve. Is that true?

Evolution continues


Scientists believe that evolution will not stop. Humans have evolved into what they are today, and for tens of thousands of years. Compared with our ancestors, we now have great wisdom, which can create civilization. In ancient times, all our ancestors thought about was eating and breeding. It can be said that compared with our ancestors, the process of evolution is very grand. However, human beings have reached the dominant position on the earth. Even if they will evolve in the future, the space will not be too large. Scientists believe that the appearance of human bodies will not change much, but some changes have taken place in our bodies, which may be preparing for our evolution into a top civilization.

Changes in the human body


The earth is our home for survival, and we have been on the earth for tens of thousands of years, but we have to admit that human beings are often faced with threats from the earth in the early days of birth. Viruses and large organisms are the factors that affect human survival. Since the rapid development of human science and technology, our resistance to viruses and bacteria has become stronger and stronger. Since entering the modern society, we have more than 3000 kinds of virus antibodies. Under the action of immune mechanism, we can better protect ourselves and evolve higher wisdom.

The root of human evil


Although human beings have created the civilization of science and technology, fundamentally speaking, human beings still have some bad qualities, such as laziness, selfishness and jealousy, which lower the level of human civilization. Therefore, scientists believe that future human beings will pay more attention to the development of quality and civilization in the direction of evolution. Although this kind of evolution is invisible, it has far-reaching influence on human civilization.

Human use of artificial intelligence


In addition, scientists believe that the future of human use of intelligent machines will be perfect. Now human beings are not the end of evolution. In the future, we can use intelligent machines to realize interstellar flight. At that time, human beings would combine with intelligent machines and evolve into semi robots, thus stepping into a new civilization.

So the evolution of human beings will not end. We have no way to foresee what the future human beings will evolve into. But one thing is certain, that is, human beings will always develop in a good direction and create new civilizations. What do you think?


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