Will it become a trend of the times in the future?

Since mankind stepped into the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago, human civilization has also ushered in a period of rapid development, which not only makes mankind realize the dream of flying to the sky, go out of the earth to explore the universe, but also makes people’s life change every day. It can be said that the era of science and technology changes every day, and there is a leap forward development and change every year.

If you stay away from the outside world for five years, you may be out of touch with this era in five years. The rapid development of science and technology has produced a lot of trends of the times, each era has a different trend, which is the progress of human civilization. In the 21st century, there are many trends of the times, the most striking is the trend of the mobile phone era.

Nowadays, mobile phones have more and more functions. They are not only used to talk before. Moreover, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, mobile phones in the future are bound to be more intelligent. Artificial intelligence is the most popular topic in recent years, and the development of artificial intelligence is also very fast. Many industries have begun to apply the preliminary artificial intelligence.


The rapid development of artificial intelligence will give birth to a new product, that is, intelligent robot, and intelligent robot, there will be a lot of classification, the emergence of an intelligent robot wife triggered a heated discussion. Some time ago, a “robot wife” was launched in Japan. Less than an hour after its launch, it was sold to tens of thousands of units by people. It can be seen that people like this intelligent machine.

And the “robot wife” has become a hot topic. Whether the emergence of a new thing will become the trend of the times depends on how much people like it. Therefore, many people see the popularity of “robot wife” and say that “robot wife” is likely to become a new trend of the times in the future. Is that really the case? Is “intelligent robot wife” really likely to become a trend of the times in the future?

Let’s take a look at this robot wife on the market in Japan. It is equipped with a new AI intelligent chip, which can recognize human language and face recognition, and can communicate with human normally. She can basically answer all the questions we ask. When she has a rest, she will learn by herself. When you have something you don’t understand, you can ask her to help you. At the same time, she can judge a person’s mood. When you are not happy, she can make you happy. When you are bored, you can have a long night chat with me.

In addition, she can complete many things independently, just need you to set up instructions in advance, when you go out in the morning, she can help you clean, wash and cook at home, when you go off work, she will take the initiative to help you with tea and water, just like a nanny, very considerate. In terms of appearance, the design is also very delicate. The skin is made of the latest silicone material. It feels like human skin, and you can feel the temperature.


I believe many people will be excited about this beautiful intelligent robot after reading the above introduction. Of course, this is only the ultimate that human science and technology can achieve. Its intelligence level is still relatively weak, far from reaching the true artificial intelligence. Real artificial intelligence, as described in some future science fiction movies, is no less intelligent than human beings except emotion, and even far more intelligent than human beings in some aspects.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, intelligent robots in the future will become more and more advanced and intelligent, and beauty intelligent robot will become a mainstream and popular intelligent robot. Intelligent robot wife will also be welcomed and loved by people. I believe every man hopes to find a perfect wife.

The so-called perfect wife, is a very gentle, understanding character, will not be angry with you, will not play small temperament. And can go to the hall, under the kitchen, can skillfully do housework, but also have a beautiful appearance, perfect figure. Such a perfect wife, I believe every man will not refuse, but in the real world, is there such a perfect wife?


Human beings are intelligent life, have seven emotions and six desires, have their own emotions and thinking, so people can not be perfect, naturally there will be no perfect wife. Men’s dreams can’t be found in the real world. But the emergence of intelligent robots makes this impossible wish possible.

When AI is intelligent enough, it is no different from human beings except that it has no emotion. Intelligent robot wife will let you see what is the real perfect wife, she has a beautiful appearance, gentle character, will not quarrel with you, will not play a small temper, will not make you angry. Even if you don’t work well outside and get angry, and go home to fight and scold her, she will only smile and greet you, and will also speak gently to relieve your bashful temper.

The robot wife is also a family expert. She does laundry and housework, needless to say, the key is the kitchen expert. There are tens of thousands of recipes stored in her system. She can cook whatever food you want, and it’s very delicious. Do you like such a robot wife? I believe as long as a man will like it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that intelligent robots will become a trend of the times in the future. In the future of countless years, we will see that many men in the street will have a beautiful girl beside them. Whether they are young men or old men in their later years, if they are modern, the 80 year old man will have a beautiful young girl beside him, you will feel that it is beyond consideration.


But in the future, this kind of thing will be a very common phenomenon. The young beauties who accompany these old people are actually intelligent robots. They can take good care of the old people in their old age. Maybe in the future, the profession of nanny will be eliminated with the development of artificial intelligence, and many service-oriented industries will also be replaced by beautiful intelligent robots.

Some people may think that this kind of intelligent age is far away from us, but in fact, they have quietly come, and the intelligent age is not far away from us. The development speed of human science and technology is very fast. People 50 years ago would not have thought that human beings could develop to the present level. Therefore, in another 50 years, it is difficult to imagine how far they will develop. Maybe the trend of intelligent robot wife described above can be realized in a hundred years.

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