Will it rain on the hot sun? Spectacular cosmic spectacle, every drop of rain is as big as an island

The universe is so big that there is nothing you can’t imagine, only something you haven’t seen. This is also the charm of the universe. It deeply attracts people to explore. Unfortunately, the current space technology of human beings is still relatively backward. The wonders in the deep universe can only be seen vaguely through astronomical telescopes, and we still don’t know how many years ago.

The solar system where the earth is located is relatively easy to explore. After all, the distance between the planets is not too far. The eldest sun brings warmth to the solar system, and everything on the earth is full of life under the sun’s illumination. The survival of human beings is inseparable from the sun. However, the understanding of the sun is still insufficient. We can only see some phenomena on the surface of the sun, but we don’t know what is inside the sun at all. We just speculate that nuclear fusion may be going on inside the sun all the time.

Maybe many people are not unfamiliar with rain. They all know that the essence of rain is water, but do you know that the sun will also rain? And every drop of rain is as big as an island. Maybe a lot of people have said that. How is that possible? How can it rain with such a high temperature on the surface of the sun?


The sun does rain sometimes, but the rain of the sun is not water, but coronal raindrops, that is, the plasma outside the sun drops onto the surface of the sun.

Just like on earth, there will be periodic bad weather on the sun – violent “wind” and “rain”. Rain on the sun is made up of ionized gas, or plasma, that falls from the sun’s outer atmosphere, the corona, to the surface of the sun at a speed of about 200000 km / h. Thousands of “coronal raindrops” fall down, which is like “downpour” to the sun.

The process of rain on the sun is strikingly similar to that on the earth. The solar rain is also cooled and condensed by the hot plasma cloud naturally, and then falls on the surface of the sun in the form of coronal raindrops. The substances that make up these hot rain clouds are also formed by the violent explosion of the solar facula.


So what’s the use of coronal rain like the sun? Through research, scientists speculate that the coronal rain driven by the sun shining class may be a driving force for the material circulation of the sun’s atmosphere, which is equivalent to a solar thermostat “and regulates the temperature fluctuation of the corona, but the source of coronal heating is still an unsolved mystery for a long time.

There are light rain, heavy rain, shower and Rainstorm on the earth. The coronal rain of the sun can be divided into different sizes, and the shower and Rainstorm on the sun are very spectacular. Although it’s spectacular, we don’t want this kind of Rainstorm in the sun. Like on earth, once there is rainstorm, there will be disasters. Once there is a coronal rainstorm in the sun, there will be a strong solar storm, which will do great harm to the electronic equipment of the earth and bring huge losses to human society.

There are many secrets about the sun, but we can’t get close to it at present. I believe that with the continuous progress of science and technology in the future, scientists will be able to develop materials that can resist the high temperature of the sun, and then launch a solar detector to land on the surface of the sun and enter the interior of the sun to detect. We will find more secrets about the interior of the sun. Is the interior of the sun as hot as the surface Even hotter? Or is the interior of the sun a peaceful environment? Isn’t there many legends about the sun on earth? There are even legends of the sun civilization.


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