Will La Nina last until next year? Is this the coldest winter in 60 years? Is there any basis for this statement?

Recently, the cooling situation in China can be said to be very obvious. Even the teaching time in some areas has been advanced a lot. Now it’s October, and many people have already put on down jacket, which shows that winter may come earlier this year. The northern region of China has also seen a significant drop in temperature and snowfall, and the Inner Mongolia and northeast region have seen varying degrees of snowfall. After seeing this situation, many people have no doubt that this winter will be a cold winter in the past 60 years?


The winter of 2008


When it comes to the cold winter in history, many people think of the winter of 2008, when every family was preparing for the festival. Unexpectedly, a cold winter came quietly, and the road was covered with heavy ice and snow. Many crops were also crushed by snow, unable to harvest, that year can be said to be a cold winter weather and economic winter. In fact, in the winter of 2008, La Nina was the culprit. Since August, scientists have been monitoring its movements. For example, the weather bureaus of the United States and Australia have issued statements that this year’s La Nina has appeared.


Of course, this is not the result that can be obtained overnight. We still need to pay close attention to the trend of La Nina. Although this year has entered October, compared with previous years, this year’s cold is relatively normal. Although the temperature was relatively low during this period, there was still a slight warming. So at this stage, it’s too early to say that this winter is cold. In other words, it’s still uncertain whether this winter is a cold one.


La Nina’s influence


As we said before, the reason why many people believe that this winter is very cold is actually the conclusion drawn from the appearance of La Nina. According to the prediction of scientists, once La Nina and the south come to China in February next year, it will definitely not disappear.


In fact, the weather situation in China is very complicated. There are many reasons for the emergence of cold winter. Lanina is only one of them. For example, the temperature and cold air flow on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau are the reasons for the emergence of cold winter. Scientists believe that if the role of La Nina is really so obvious, there should be many countries with different degrees of snow disaster, but throughout the world, there is still no such disaster. Therefore, although La Nina will appear, it will not really form a cold winter under the situation of global warming.


Today, the global temperature continues to rise, and the sea ice in the north and south poles has begun to melt. The earth’s ecosystem is no longer single, but full of many variables. So we still can’t take it lightly, always pay attention to the weather and keep warm so that we can have a good winter this year. What do you think?

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