Will mice foretell the future of mankind? What did 1780 day experiment prove?

The experiment lasted for 1780 days with eight mice. Scientists say it may predict the future of human beings!


When it comes to prophecy, what do you think? Is it the end of the world in 2012 or the fantasy of the future? In history, there has never been a lack of people who claim to be prophets. The realization of some prophecies also makes people begin to doubt whether the prophecy is really accurate? Can anyone really understand what is likely to happen in the future? We have no way to know whether the prediction is true and feasible before we come up with scientific evidence. However, an experiment conducted by an American biologist in the last century seems to have really predicted the future of human beings and made people panic. So what role did these eight mice play in the experiment? What does it have to do with the future of mankind?


Space experiment 25


The name of this experiment is universe 25. It happened in 1968. The biologist put eight mice in a big box. The environment in the box is very suitable for mice. They enjoy a wonderful life that they have never enjoyed before. There are not only enough food but also water dispensers. The whole activity space is controlled at 2.57 meters in length, 2.57 meters in width and 1.37 meters in height In Mi’s box, after the experiment began, he assigned the eight mice to each other, each with his own mate, so that they could have their own offspring.


104 days later, the first group of mice came into the big box. As the number of mice increased, every 55 days, the mice would give birth to new life. Over time, the biologist found something unreasonable. After the number of these mice increased to 620, he found that their breeding speed began to slow down. Biologists predicted that these mice would breed up to 3840, but only 620 had problems.


The first change is that the male rats live here. In order to get their own territory and food, these rats constantly fight, and the defeated one will be defended by the female rats at home. This will lead to the baby mouse without the care of mother and father. After more than 300 days, many mice will die, and the behavior of father and mother will be passed on layer by layer.


Foretell the future of mankind


In about 600 days, the death rate of mice is very high, and few can survive. Some mice who didn’t like the environment began to avoid it. After 1780 days of the experiment, all the mice died. This big box, from eight lives to hundreds of lives, disappeared later. Biologists believe that the emergence of this experiment has something to do with the current situation of human society and the future Often similar.


In this confined space, mice are equivalent to human beings, and this big box is a miniature social environment. Of course, there are obvious differences between mice and human beings. Human beings will think independently and have their own way of thinking, but mice do not. If we only say that these mice predict the future development of human beings, some of them are too one-sided. What’s your view on this?

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