Will people cheat corpses when they are approached by cats after death? Scientists say that this is not superstition, but there is a real basis

It is human nature to live, old and die. When human beings reach a certain age or die because of some accidents, they can only say that the dead rest in peace.


And in modern people, there are many families like to keep pets, such as cats and dogs are also the most common.

There are more people who keep dogs, because people say that dogs are loyal. It’s troublesome to keep cats, because cats are unpredictable. Cats are feminine animals, but do you know? Cats are naturally attractive, though it’s mysterious to say so.


There is a folk legend: after death, the body must not be close to the cat.


Many people say that these are feudal superstitions of the older generation. After all, in ancient times, science and technology were backward, and people lived entirely on feudal superstitions.

Now there are many rural areas where cats are not allowed to approach the remains. If someone had just died, the villagers would lock up their cat. If a person does not pay attention to let his cat touch the body, it is very unfortunate for the dead, and the family will blame the dead.


As mentioned earlier, cats belong to female animals. When people die, when their souls are floating in the air, they like to attach themselves to female animals, which can easily lead to great changes in temperament and do a lot of bad things.


This is a superstitious explanation of why people can’t let cats get close to them after they die. But some scientists also said: This is not feudal superstition, and there is a real basis.

After death, the body will produce a lot of cations, while the cat has a lot of anions. When the two are close, there will be a combination of yin and Yang reaction. When this reaction appears on the dead, it is what we usually call corpse fraud.


Although this kind of probability is very slim, appears the time is very short, but if appears, really can frighten to death. Therefore, this is only a scientific phenomenon.

Cats are actually very cute, not as mysterious and weird as some people think. Do you like cats?

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