Will people dream for their families after death? Experts give you a scientific explanation, may wish to understand

People’s exploration of the unknown is not only limited to the space or the ocean, but also curious about seemingly insignificant dreams.

In many films and TV works, there are scenes in which dreams are spied or controlled, which can also be seen in places such as Duke Zhou’s interpretation of dreams.


In the folk, there has always been the saying of Tuomeng. Tuomeng means that those who have passed away appear in other people’s dreams and ask to explain them, or show them in various situations to predict good or bad fortune. For example, if the ghost died in vain, he wanted to entrust others to clarify the case; for example, if the immortal god Buddha wanted to warn tanyue of good faith.

Since there is the theory of dream, will that person dream for his family after his death? Experts give you a scientific explanation.

The view of relatives in ancient times


When the development of ancient science was still very backward, many natural phenomena could not be explained. In addition to the needs of the rulers, most people at that time believed in ghosts and gods.

So there is the saying that the old man gives his dream to his family after his death. In the Buddhist interpretation, it means that the relatives need to go beyond the limit. Just ask the eminent monk to go beyond the limit.


Scientific explanation of whether people will give their families dreams after death

Some scientists explained that this is quantum physics focusing on the induction between particles, which is called synchronic effect. In terms of quantum physics, the induction will occur between two quantum pairs.

This kind of induction can even be transmitted over a long distance, so we have a dream, which is a quantum physical effect between the underworld and the Yang.


There are scientists to explain: the human body is composed of cells, cells are composed of molecules, molecules are composed of atoms. Humans can’t see it with the naked eye alone, so dreams may enter some part of the body that we can’t see, so we can’t explain it clearly.

The dead people will not leave this world, but go to another space. When we fall asleep with a deep longing for our loved ones, their space will overlap with our dreams, and they will naturally appear in our dreams. It is not to say that the deceased loved ones give us dreams through super power.


But there are also many people who think that the dream of relatives is a kind of psychological state for us. It is because we are reluctant to give up our thoughts about our relatives that we dream of meeting our relatives in our dreams.

So, my friends, have you ever been asked to dream by your relatives who died today? Let’s talk about what we dream about!

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