Will people go to another space after death? It’s unbelievable that scientists say the answer

Will people go to another space after death? It’s unbelievable that scientists say the answer


Up to now, there are still many mysteries in the world waiting for human to solve. Since ancient times, there have been many questions. Some questions have not yet given a reasonable explanation. For example, will there be a soul after death? If there are souls, where are their final destination? In fact, this issue has been a controversial topic in ancient times, until now scientists are also arguing.

Hawking once said: in this world, no kind of information will disappear, only one kind of information will change from one form to another, and human consciousness is a kind of information. There is a view that human consciousness will exist in the state of photon information, and human will live independently after death, which is what we call soul.


However, death is a one-way process. Some scientists believe that after death, people will enter a four-dimensional world, waiting for reincarnation again. All the memories of previous lives will disappear, but everything that happens in reality can not be covered up, and there will always be some traces left.


Because this person sometimes went to a strange place and felt very familiar, he seemed to come here.

There is a view that all existence in the world is based on human consciousness. After human death, consciousness will disintegrate and the established world will no longer exist. After entering reincarnation, rebirth in a world established by a new consciousness.


Not long ago, a scientific team discovered after a long time of experiments that many particles in nuclear fission would go to three-dimensional space, but most of them disappeared. So where did the disappeared particles go? These scientists said that they probably went to another space, and there is no way to know where they went.


Einstein once expressed his own view on this matter. He thought that the space of the universe is intertwined. The earth has gravity, so everything on the earth can walk freely on the earth. However, under the action of gravity, it is easy to produce multi-dimensional space. Human beings have always lived in three-dimensional space, so we can’t see other space Things.

According to the research of scientists, the human soul is likely to go to the five dimensional space, and we have no way to see all the materials in the five dimensional space, because only the soul can go to the four or even the five dimensional space.


Xiaobian thinks that although human beings are just a mortal body, they can possess so much wisdom and have such advanced evolution. Does this show that the emergence of human beings is the means of creators, or is human beings the dominator in the world of consciousness?


There are too many things in the world that can’t be explained by science, but they don’t affect you to express your views and opinions. What are your different views on these views? Welcome to comment area.

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