Will people really exist in some form after death? People walk around and eat after they die

The ancients believed that people would not really disappear after death, but became “ghosts” to continue to exist. So after the death of mankind, will his life really continue in some form? Do our souls exist after we die? There have been so many scientific researchers trying to find out, but they failed. It is always a mystery whether there will be some substance in the form of “soul” after death. The vast universe, we human beings are too small, we can not predict the future, or even accurately explain the past, especially the world after death.


A few years ago, a man died in a small town in our country. His family placed his body in the mortuary of the hospital waiting to be buried. But something strange happened. These days, he has only two duty officers tomorrow. They seem to hear someone walking in the room. The two men looked through the crack in the door. At that time, both of them were terrified. It was the daytime plan. The mortuary body was walking around. After walking around, he lay down in the original place and covered himself with cloth. Two people seem to be afraid, so report to the distance, let him send someone to check, but at this time the body is stiff, can really have died. Could it be that the staff were confused at that time, or that both of them were not in a good state of consciousness? After all, there was not much basis, so the matter was not settled at that time.

Another strange thing happened in South America. A man in South America was ill and hospitalized. His relatives and friends bought a lot of food and articles to visit him. However, the man’s condition was getting worse and worse. Finally, he died in the hospital. At the request of his family, he locked the dead in the ward of the hospital and came to the hospital to bury the dead after the family had made arrangements. When the door of the ward was opened, all the food was eaten up. At that time, it was suspected that there was a thief in the ward who stole everything, but there was no trace. Later, through autopsy, it was found that all the food went into the stomach of the dead. At this time, people were shocked and scared. Why do you eat food when the dead are dead? It’s really confusing.


There are many strange things in the world. Waiting for people to explore and discover. Just like an experiment done by a team in Europe, they proved that there is some “mysterious substance” in human body, and the mass of this thing is 21g. They confirmed that the weight difference between before life and after death is 21g.


In addition, there are also some people who carry out the near death experiment, and their feelings are almost the same. At the moment of death, they all feel light in front of their eyes, and the things they experienced during their lifetime are like images repeating in front of their eyes. They hear the cries and painful sobs of their loved ones, but no matter how much they call their loved ones, their lovers can’t feel them. Is it amazing? We can see that there are still many things in nature that we can’t figure out. If we are interested, we can learn more and explore more.

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