Will something big happen in 2021? Craig, the prophet of Western Europe, predicted that it would come true?

There is an old saying that there are all kinds of wonders in the world. Among human beings, there are many people with special abilities, such as being able to predict the future. In China, there has been a saying of fortune telling since ancient times. It seems that they can foretell what will happen in the future. In the face of difficulties, most people still seek psychological comfort and go to these so-called fortune tellers.


Sometimes, although we clearly know that this is not necessarily accurate, we are still willing to believe them when we have no way out. In Britain, we are such a prophet, known as a prophet by the local people. Recently, he predicted the great events that will happen in 2021. He thought that the disease will continue to spread all over the world. Is what he said true or false? Can it be used as a reference?


This little prophet, whose name is Craig, is well-known in Europe and America. In fact, this is not the first time he has made a prediction. Before that, four predictions have been verified one by one. These include brexit, the French terrorist attacks, Trump’s victory, and the 2020 epidemic. These four major events have been verified one by one under his prediction. What major events will happen in 2021?


A long time ago, Craig predicted that there would be a war and infectious diseases on earth, which seems to have come true in 2020. Craig said that he can see things that normal people can’t see, and foresee what will happen in the future. There are still many uncertain factors in the future. Human technology may advance by leaps and bounds, and the situation before may also appear. Everything seems to be warning mankind. Recently, Craig published such a news on the Internet. He thinks that 2021 may be an extraordinary year, and it will be more flustered than 2020. After the appearance of this fable, many people scoff that no one wants to experience everything in 2020 again. Of course, Craig also said that although human beings will experience several disasters, they are intelligent creatures and can overcome everything and become better and better. Many people think that Craig’s prediction is a warning to mankind.


In fact, in the world, all things change all the time, and there will be some changes in the process of prediction. Compared with physical torture, these prophecies should be controlled by human spirit. After the emergence of prophecy, people will have preconceptions, so they will change their cognition of the world under the influence of language.


We can not deny that the emergence of the epidemic has indeed brought a very serious impact on many countries. In this special period, each of us should do our own job. As for Craig’s prophecy, believe it or not, just like ghosts and gods, many people just listen to the conversation after cooking as a joke and make a prediction about Craig What’s your opinion? Do you think it will come true?

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