Will the development of AI lead to the extinction of human beings? Scientist: it’s unpredictable, but there are problems

When it comes to artificial intelligence, everyone has different opinions on it. The emergence of AI also allows people to see a new world, not just limited to people’s fantasies and movies. Artificial intelligence brings too many conveniences to the present society. It can be said that it has entered people’s life, changed people’s way of life, shocked the rapid development of science and technology, and lamented the changes brought about by the change of times.


Although the changes brought by AI are obvious to all, there are still many people who are cautious and skeptical about AI. If someone opposes it, someone will support it. Although many new things can’t be accepted at the beginning, they still can’t stop the people who accept them from loving them. Among the people who really support the development of AI, there are many industry leaders, including Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, who was once the richest man in the world.

Among the people who are fiercely against the vigorous development of AI, there are also giants who have far-reaching influence on human development, including the famous entrepreneur and philanthropist Elon Musk, as well as the great scientist Stephen Hawking. Hawking’s attitude towards AI is beyond people’s imagination. He strongly resists the development of AI. He believes that at the present stage, artificial intelligence does make a great contribution to the development of human beings, but one day in the future, human beings will perish in the hands of AI created by themselves.


Hawking’s words have also aroused people’s deep thinking. His position in the field of science is very important. His forward-looking vision and contribution to mankind are the reasons for people’s admiration. Hawking’s words also make people more cautious about the development of AI, and people also turn their attention to AI and pay attention to its development direction.


Zuckerberg’s Facebook has launched a project, the process of which is very simple, that is to let two robots communicate with each other like human beings and negotiate effectively. Facebook engineers took two books, three basketballs and a hat to make the two robots distribute reasonably. Each item has different value for each robot. Let them choose something useful and important for themselves, and then persuade each other to exchange it with themselves. At the beginning, the results were very satisfying. The two robots chose what was important to them, and kept the bottom line. They gave up the unnecessary items to each other, and the conversation between them was just like that of human beings.

But a few days later, when the engineer looked at the results of their distribution, he found that the two robots seemed to have a bug, which had changed from simple chat to incomprehensible words. The two sides also talked very smoothly without any obstacles. The staff were very worried, so they unplugged the robot on the spot and interrupted the project experiment. Although the senior management of Facebook came forward to explain this matter later, the main idea was that there was a mistake in the design process of the staff, which led to this kind of thing. Let’s not panic.


The learning ability of machines is much higher than that of human beings. The more they are trained, the more powerful they are. Their thinking ability is also significantly enhanced. It can even be said that there is no upper limit. Machines have no feelings and can’t measure moral standards. Once they get out of control, it will be a disaster for the whole human beings. And then again, the terrible thing is not artificial intelligence, but human beings themselves.

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