Will the earth be the laboratory of alien civilization? The truth may be more complicated than we think

With the help of science and technology, human beings finally realized their dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe. At that moment, all people have such a question in their hearts: does extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization exist?

Maybe many people will doubt the existence of alien civilization before we walk out of the earth, but when we really walk out of the earth and see the vast and mysterious universe, this kind of doubt is very small. Most people believe that extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization exist, and scientists at the peak of human science and technology believe it.

Although people believe that the probability of alien civilization exists, we need to find evidence of the existence of alien civilization to make the speculation come true. So at the moment when human beings walked out, a great plan began, that is “extraterrestrial civilization exploration plan”.


Scientists believe that since there is no doubt about the existence of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization, as long as we carry out a comprehensive exploration, we believe that it will not be long before we can find some evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. However, the imagination is very beautiful, and reality often makes fun of us. After more than half a century of hard work, scientists have not found the simplest alien life, let alone the alien civilization.

What’s the situation? Some scientists believe that extraterrestrial life should be universal in the universe, because the various material conditions needed to form life are not uncommon in the universe. Under normal circumstances, there should be no lack of living planets in the universe. Even though alien civilizations are relatively rare, they should be an incalculable number in the vast universe.

Since extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization probably exist in a large number, why can’t we find anything? Due to the limitation of human science and technology, we have not been able to go out of the solar system to explore life, so the scope of exploring extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization traces is limited to the solar system. Under normal circumstances, even if the solar system is only a human civilization, then simple extraterrestrial life should still exist.

But the real situation is that we don’t even find the fur of extraterrestrial life, which is a bit too abnormal. So some scientists put forward the “zoo hypothesis” and “laboratory hypothesis”. Why does this mean? Some scientists believe that the solar system and the earth may be a laboratory of advanced civilization in the universe, and life on the earth, including human beings, may be the experimental objects of alien civilization.


Why do scientists come up with such a hypothesis? It turns out that scientists have discovered several special features of the earth. As we all know, the universe is not a very safe and stable environment. It is not difficult for a planet to become a living planet. However, it is not easy for life to go through a long period of evolution and eventually produce intelligent life. Many conditions need to be met.

So what’s special about the earth? First of all, the earth itself is just right away from the sun. It can’t be any closer. Let’s see the environment of Venus and Mars. Of the three planets also in the habitable zone, only the earth has become a beautiful planet of life. Moreover, the earth itself has an atmosphere of suitable thickness, and the content of various gases in the atmosphere is just right. In addition, it has strong magnetic field protection.

It’s unusual for the earth to have such a perfect ecological environment. From the external environment of the earth, we can see that it’s unusual. For example, the huge Jupiter is right in front of us. Without the protection of Jupiter, the earth would not have been impacted by a huge asteroid many times, and it would not have given life a long time to evolve.


So many coincidences let scientists see some unusual information. It seems that the earth is arranged by people, including itself and the surrounding environment. The purpose may be for the evolution of life on earth, and ultimately the birth of intelligent human life. All this is very much like a kind of scientific experiment. From the perspective of human beings, scientists also like to study all kinds of small life on the earth. For example, we will put ants in a huge glass box.

Everything in the glass box is deliberately arranged by scientists. In this way, we can observe a series of activities of ants, and observe that the whole colony of ants is growing and becoming an ant empire through reproduction. Maybe in the world of ants, they don’t feel that they are the experimental animals raised by human beings at all. Maybe one day, the scientists of the ant empire will also find anomalies and guess whether the world they live in is just a laboratory?

Human beings can conduct biological experiments through the laboratory, so powerful advanced civilization will naturally do such experiments, but the level is much stronger than human experiments. Advanced civilization may have a galaxy and a planet as the blueprint for experiments. For example, a long time ago, shortly after the birth of the earth, advanced civilization discovered the solar system and the earth.

Then, through the powerful scientific and technological strength, advanced civilizations constantly transform the earth, making it a hotbed suitable for the survival of life, and then sprinkle the seeds of life, quietly observing the evolution and evolution of life on the earth. In order to make the evolution of life on earth longer, intelligent life can be born and grow into intelligent civilization.


Advanced civilization has also made some changes to the environment of the solar system around the earth, such as adjusting the orbit of the earth or Jupiter, making Jupiter block in front of the earth, and then making a huge asteroid put on the orbit of the earth, making it a satellite of the earth to stabilize and protect the earth.

If the earth and the solar system are really laboratories of alien civilization, it makes sense that human beings can’t explore and find any traces of extraterrestrial life and alien civilization in the solar system. Since it’s a laboratory, it naturally needs to be independent and clean. For example, if scientists want to use a huge glass box to observe a series of activities of ants, then there will be only ants in this glass box, and no other creatures will be put in.

It is possible that the earth in the solar system is similar. Advanced civilizations regard the earth as a laboratory to observe the evolution of life, so naturally it does not need other planets in the solar system to give birth to life or civilization. If the earth is the laboratory of alien civilization, it may completely subvert the origin of life for human beings, especially the origin of human beings.


Of course, these are just people’s guesses. No one knows the truth. Some people even think that the truth behind it may be more complicated and mysterious than the imagined laboratory hypothesis. For example, there is also a saying that the solar system gave birth to a more powerful civilization a long time ago, when the earth may have just given birth to primary life.

The reason why some people think so is because Venus and Mars may also be very complicated. Under normal circumstances, Venus is known as the sister planet of the earth. Although it is closer to the sun than the earth, it will not become such a purgatory planet as it is now. There may have been a huge disaster, which may not be a natural disaster, but a man-made one.

There is also Mars. The probe found a lot of ancient river beds and organic matter on Mars, which shows that there was a lot of liquid water on the surface of Mars in ancient times. Therefore, scientists speculated that Mars was also a beautiful planet of life long ago. Therefore, some people think that human beings are not the only civilization ever born in the solar system. It is possible that even more powerful civilizations were born in the solar system before the birth of human beings. The earth and everything around it may have been set up by the powerful civilization of the solar system.

Of course, if we want to solve these mysteries, we can only rely on powerful technology. Only when human technology becomes more and more powerful can we explore every corner and every planet of the solar system. Maybe we can find some clues. If there were other civilizations in the solar system, there would be no trace left. Especially for the truly powerful interstellar civilization, some scientific and technological items left behind by them may go through a very long time and will not be damaged or disappeared.


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