Will the earth get lighter and lighter? The total amount of oil consumed every day is equivalent to a Yellow River in weight!

The earth needs a little talk

What’s the weight of the earth and how do humans calculate it? We all have a common understanding that there is no scale in the world that can be called the earth, let alone Cao Chong’s method to calculate the weight of the earth. Therefore, the actual weight of the earth has puzzled scientists for many years.

In 1750, British scientists used the law of universal gravitation to calculate the weight of the earth. At that time, he was only 19 years old.

The law of universal gravitation means that if the gravitation between two objects is greater, the distance is inversely proportional to it, but it is proportional to the mass. Therefore, the most basic law can be summarized. If the distance between the two objects is greater, the gravitation is smaller, and the mass is greater, the gravitation is greater.

So now that you know the weight of an object, the mass can be calculated. But how much does the earth weigh now? According to the formula of universal gravitation, the total weight of the earth so far should be 5.965 × 10 to the 24th kilogram.

Can the mass of the earth be changed?


According to the existing theory, the mass of the earth is not a fixed value in the eyes of scientists, but it’s really hard to say whether it will increase or decrease. After all, there is no exact theory, and it’s a common saying that human beings simply can’t accurately measure the mass of the earth.

① The mass of the earth has been increasing.

Now there are some theories that the mass of the earth is actually increasing. After all, the earth has a huge gravity. The dust in the air and some dust in space will become part of the earth. According to the calculation of scientists, at least 300 tons of material will hit the earth every day, so they are accumulating every day, and the mass of the earth is undoubtedly increasing.

② The mass of the earth has been decreasing.

People who support this part of the theory believe that the mass of the earth is decreasing day by day, because the earth’s core releases a variety of energy for a long time, and energy loss means mass loss. At the same time, the earth’s atmosphere is further reducing, and the gas will escape. According to scientific calculation, the earth will lose 1600 tons of helium every year.

At this time, some people mentioned energy. After all, human beings use a lot of fossil fuels every day, such as coal, oil and so on. If these fuels are used up, will the quality of the earth be reduced?

Law of conservation of energy and law of conservation of matter


We all know the law of conservation of energy, so is the law of conservation of matter. Does all the oil used disappear out of thin air?

Not really.

After burning, oil is no longer oil itself. It is transformed into other substances, from liquid state to another state. After all, the conservation of energy and mass is one of the laws of nature. As long as things exist inside the earth, no matter how they change on the ground, the overall mass is unchanged.

Oil is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water after burning, so the gas enters the atmosphere and water evaporates. Will the mass of the earth be reduced in this case?

Scientists have given a clear answer. Although water will evaporate and gas will escape, in 2020, there will be about 230.58 billion tons of oil left in the world. For human beings, this is a huge amount, but for the earth, the bit weight is just a drop in the bucket, although the amount of oil consumed by human beings every day is equivalent to a whole Yellow River The river is over.

The law of conservation of energy has just been mentioned, so it can be inferred that the mass of the earth is constantly changing, sometimes heavy and sometimes light. However, the use of fossil fuels or various production and business activities will not have a great impact on the mass of the earth.


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