Will the earth’s environment be better after 2020? Scientists are worried!

If we want to look at the whole history of human development, we believe that 2020 will be a year that will go down in history. No one expected that while people are celebrating the new year, a huge epidemic is raging, and people can only be forced to stay at home. In addition to the rampant epidemic, the earthquakes and tsunamis in many countries can not be underestimated. After seeing such a severe situation, some people think that 2020 is too difficult. Now that we have entered October, will the situation improve after this year?


Environmental situation in 2020

First of all, we need to find out why there will be so many extreme disasters in 2020, which scientists believe is essentially related to human behavior. Since mankind entered the era of industrialization, in order to improve the economic level and obtain the maximum benefits, we have been developing heavy industry, which leads to a large number of greenhouse gas emissions. This year’s carbon dioxide content has broken the highest standard in nearly half a year. Therefore, this year is also the hottest year in recent years. It is the rising temperature that has led to extreme changes in the earth’s climate, the melting of glaciers at the two poles and the continuous burning of mountain fires. These disasters can not be separated from the human contribution.


Now that we have entered October, the epidemic situation in China has been obviously controlled, and the climate in many countries has gradually improved. Therefore, some people think that the end of this year means good luck again? However, scientists have given mankind a head blow. They believe that the end of 2020 does not mean the end of the disaster, on the contrary, it means the beginning of the disaster.


The environmental situation of the earth

Today’s earth’s climate is different from the past, and many rare resources have been exhausted by human beings. Even if this year’s climate has improved, it can not solve the fundamental problem. If human beings continue to develop industry, and can not control greenhouse gas emissions, the earth will be unable to bear the burden of human life, sooner or later.


Today, we are the supreme ruler of the earth. It is precisely because human beings have no natural enemies that we should exploit the earth’s resources. In the billions of years of the earth’s existence, there have been extinction events of large and small. According to the data of scientists, in recent years, many rare animals are on the verge of extinction, and some animals of the same period as human beings have disappeared on the earth, which shows us that the earth’s environment has been overwhelmed.


Even now many countries have made relevant policies on environmental protection, but in today’s environmental trend, it is very difficult to really restore the earth’s environment as usual. Therefore, scientists are also on the way to find a second earth. Hawking also predicted that the future Earth will become a fireball shrouded in high temperature, and human beings must leave if they want to survive Earth, looking for new habitat again, what do you think?

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