Will the lights turn on and off automatically in the middle of the night? Experts said that ghost pull lamp does not exist, but the line bulb is no problem!

In the middle of the night, the light in a western style building in Jiangsu lights up frequently, and there is no one in the family. So why does the light come on when there is no one? Some people say that it is the invasion of the deceased’s homestead that leads to revenge. Some people say that the house is built on the tomb, so people around are passing it on. Is there really a “ghost” going to pull the light in the middle of the night?

Although this is a small western style house, most of them are villagers. Therefore, the farmers and her husband who live here have great doubts about this. This is their new western style building, and from the third day when they live in it, the lights at home will be on at midnight for no reason.

It has to be said that the atmosphere is really tense, but if you think about it carefully, no matter who is responsible for it, the mental state of the whole person will not be particularly good, and the sleep time of the elderly is very short, and it really looks more haggard after such a toss. So what happened here?


At first, the husband said that he thought his wife had forgotten to turn off the light, so he asked. The unexpected answer was that the wife had not entered the room at all. Later, the wife asked her husband why the light was on, and the husband said that it was impossible. He had never been to the room at all. 2 People. He began to doubt whether it was true that there was a thief in the house, while his wife didn’t sleep well for a long time. After all, he was very worried. Then they went on to check the lamp carefully, but they also found that the lamp did not matter. Was it really a burglar at home?

So they started installing cameras in their homes. At the same time, they also changed the light bulb, but what they didn’t expect was that the situation was still going on, and they could see the light from the video surveillance, and they suddenly turned on and off.

But whether it’s video surveillance or changing a light bulb. The situation is still the same, and they also asked the rest of the villagers. The villagers’ response is that there is no such situation at home, which is really strange. The couple invited the so-called ghost hunting to help the public, but it didn’t help at all. Sometimes they even ignored that the bad situation was more obvious.


Later, this matter was more and more reported by the media, so the expert team came after hearing about it. Unexpectedly, after checking, he said that it was the loosening of a screw, which sometimes caused poor contact. The so-called ghost pull lamp also did not exist at all!

Is it just a screw? Everyone didn’t believe it, and the neighbors were also unimaginable. However, after the overhaul that day, the family’s lights were no longer on for no reason, so why on earth? The original reason is that after the screw is loose, the internal static contact touches the moving contact, because the switch is composed of static contact, moving contact terminal and screw. Normally, their foundation is not very close, which means that the resistance is very large, especially sometimes the very small contact light can actually light up. However, there is a problem with this thing. It is oxidized and forms an oxide layer. As we all know, the oxide layer will not conduct electricity and the current will not be too small. Therefore, the electric lamp will be extinguished. However, after a long time of heating, the oxide layer will be destroyed. The moving contact and the static contact will contact again. Therefore, the circuit will form a loop, and the lamp will be on again, so it will be on and off.

The so-called ghost mystery is what science can explain. Therefore, it’s better to discuss the problems in your life that you can’t solve immediately, and turn to experts and scholars instead of asking some Taoists and quacks to help you.


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