Will the spaceship be hit by debris if it’s too fast? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

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Hundreds of years ago, mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, mankind soon realized the dream of flying to the sky, went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. When we really walk out of the earth, we find that the earth is so small and the universe is so vast.


Standing in front of the universe, the speed that human beings used to be proud of is nothing at all. We all know that in the age of the earth, the basic unit of distance was meters, and the basic unit of speed was meters per second. In the earth navigation, can achieve supersonic flight, that is already a fast to incredible speed, at such a speed around the earth only takes about 20 hours.

But in the universe, the basic unit of distance is light years, and the basic unit of speed is the speed of light. The speed of light can only be regarded as tortoise speed in the cosmic scale. If we want to travel all over the galaxy, we need to fly faster than light. Of course, such a speed is too far away for human beings. Our goal of speed struggle now is to keep moving towards the speed of light.

But with the continuous improvement of speed, many people will have such a worry: if the speed of the spaceship is too fast, it will be hit by space debris, so will such things happen in the universe? Now let’s listen to how scientists explain it.


I believe many friends know Einstein’s relative and mass energy equations. According to these two theories, we understand that when the speed of an object increases, its kinetic energy increases. The faster the speed, the greater the energy the object gets. Energy is the core of the universe. As long as the energy is large enough, nothing can be done.

Before the birth of the universe, it was a mass of extremely powerful energy. Later, the energy of the big bang was released instantaneously, thus forming the early basic elemental matter, and later evolved into the present universe. It can be said that everything in our universe is transformed from energy. We can see how powerful energy is.


When a very ordinary and small object obtains strong kinetic energy, it has the ability to destroy the sky and the earth. 65 million years ago, only an asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers hit the earth, resulting in the extinction of dinosaurs, and the speed of the asteroid is nothing in the cosmic scale. There was a hypothesis that if a small bullet could reach the speed of light, it would have the ability to destroy planets.

In the era of the earth, with the rapid development of science and technology, a large number of means of transportation also appeared, people travel commonly used means of transportation is the car. And the car on the road will inevitably have a variety of collision accidents, I believe friends know that every day there will be traffic accidents. The faster the speed of the car, the more serious the consequences after the collision.

It is the speed of the car that is negligible when it reaches the universe. The speed of the satellite is 7.9 kilometers per second, and that of Voyager one is about 17 kilometers per second. Once a collision occurs at such a high speed, the consequences will be very serious. If a spaceship collides with a piece of debris in space at such a high speed, I believe the spaceship and its astronauts will not be spared.


Therefore, some people are worried that when the space age opens in the future, human beings will be hit by various debris in the universe. So will this happen? In fact, our worry is superfluous. It doesn’t mean that the collision between spaceship and debris can’t happen. It’s just that the probability is too small, which is much smaller than the probability of winning the first prize in the lottery.

The reason why the possibility of collision in the universe is very small is that the space of the universe has widened. Maybe when we look up at the sky, we can see that many stars are densely distributed in the night sky, and we think that their distances are very close. But in fact, these stars are basically stars, and the distance between them is basically more than a few light years.


Even in the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt of the solar system, asteroids are densely distributed, and Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 did not collide when they passed through them. You know, we know little about the edge of the solar system, especially 40 years ago, we knew nothing about the Kuiper belt, how many asteroids there were and how they were distributed.

If the asteroids are very close, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 will not be able to cross the Kuiper belt safely into interstellar space. Voyager such a chance crossing will not hit asteroids or celestial debris, let alone human spaceships. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about that the spacecraft will be hit by the debris of celestial bodies in the process of spaceflight.

Of course, the speed of spaceships that human beings can achieve now is still very slow. If we can achieve sub light speed flight, light speed flight or even super light speed flight in the future, will the probability of being hit by space debris increase a lot? In fact, the probability is still small enough to be ignored. Once we go out of the solar system and enter interstellar space, the density of celestial bodies there is smaller. Many celestial bodies are separated by more than a few light years. It is possible that only our spaceship is sailing within a few light years.


In such interstellar space, even if you fly blindly, the probability of being hit will be very small. Of course, in the future interstellar age, we still have to consider the possibility of interstellar collision, because once such a collision occurs, it will be a complete end. There is no possibility of rescue or survival, so in the future of Star Trek, we need more powerful detection equipment.

This kind of detection equipment is equivalent to the earth age radar, which can detect the safety situation of the spacecraft within a certain range at any time. Powerful interstellar detection equipment may be able to detect several light years, dozens of light years within the scope of the situation, so that the spacecraft in the process of navigation, radar detection ahead of danger, we can do in time to avoid, so as to avoid collision.


In addition, it’s impossible for a spaceship to keep a very fast speed all the time. If it’s in a stellar system or an area of human activity, it still needs to speed limit. Just like in a city on earth, the speed limit of a car is generally 30 km / h. only when you get to the high speed, you can move forward quickly.

The future interstellar age is bound to be the same. In areas with intensive human activities, spaceships will also have restrictions, and there will be very strict interstellar traffic laws. The purpose is to avoid collision accidents. The collision in the universe is much more terrible than that on the earth. Once it happens, it will be an irreparable disaster.

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