Will the supremacy of mankind be lost? Liu Cixin said frankly, don’t be exploited by these two creatures!

Will the supremacy of mankind be lost? Liu Cixin said frankly, don’t be exploited by these two creatures!


Before the early human knew nothing about the earth, they were in the exploratory stage for a long time. With the passage of time, human civilization is strong enough to make use of innate wisdom to create countless high technologies, and finally stand out among many creatures and become the overlord of the world. Nowadays, it’s not a dream to go to the sky and the moon and go to the sea to catch turtles. Many people naively believe that human beings will dominate the earth forever.


From the current perspective, the future direction of human beings is not considerable. Among them, science fiction writer Liu Cixin expresses different views. He has made remarkable achievements in the industry and has many well-known titles, such as “three bodies” and “wandering earth”, which are all his representative works. He is a real leader in the field of science fiction. In his eyes, the world covers all scales from the singularity to the edge of the universe. The breadth and dimension of his thoughts have long exceeded the traditional realm. Until now, he still does not stop paying attention to the problems of reality, trying to help mankind out of the predicament. He once said that if human beings want to stabilize the position of the earth’s hegemony, they should always be alert to these two creatures, which may replace human beings. Will the supremacy of mankind be lost? Liu Cixin said frankly, don’t be exploited by these two creatures!


Two creatures that human beings need to be alert to


The first is the octopus, squid and other mollusks. They mainly live in the ocean and have a soft body. Someone once did an experiment to put the octopus in a sealed jar. It uses its sensitive limbs to twist the jar open and quickly escape. In full view of the public, people have to marvel at the intelligence of octopus for being able to do such behavior. Maybe everyone doesn’t believe that octopus also has the sense of group, and the sense has already surpassed other animals and gradually moved closer to human beings. If the earth is facing a huge crisis, octopus and other soft animals will be lucky to survive or become its new masters on the ball.


The second is viruses, fungi and other microorganisms. Viruses are highly infectious. Although they are not big, their vitality can not be underestimated. Viruses ten thousand years ago have been developing indefinitely. They can not survive independently and must be attached to living cells. With the thawing of the permafrost in the north and south poles, scientists have detected countless viruses and microorganisms, which are dormant in the extremely cold environment. Now the temperature is picking up, and there are signs of recovery. Their emergence will directly threaten the status of human beings, and if it is serious, it will lead human beings to a road of no return.


Only by conquering nature can human beings stabilize their position


As the master of the earth, human beings should pay enough attention to these two kinds of creatures. It has to be said that Liu Cixin’s conjecture is extremely bold. Looking back to the history of human development, it is difficult to shake the hegemony of human beings for hundreds of years, but human beings are extremely small in front of nature. With the progress of human civilization, one day, human beings will be able to defeat nature. When this day comes, it is estimated that no living things can threaten the status of human beings.


Before human beings have conquered nature, we should always be alert to these two creatures. They seem insignificant and have extraordinary power. If we are not careful, human beings will be replaced by them. What do you think of Liu Cixin’s view? You can leave a message for interaction.

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