Will the wife of the future beauty intelligent robot walk into thousands of households? Let’s hear how experts explain this

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, mankind has stepped into the road of scientific and technological development. The development of science and technology in addition to the efforts of countless scientists, but also inseparable from the assistance of scientific and technological equipment, and the computer is the greatest invention of mankind, it can be said that without the help of the computer, the development speed of human science and technology will be at least 50 years slow. Since the birth of the first computer in the world in 1946, the development of human science and technology has really entered the fast lane. It can be said that it is only 72 years since 1946. But in this very short period of time, the development of science and technology is as fast as a rocket, so fast that people can’t believe it.

The reason why science and technology can develop so fast is inseparable from the help of computer. Although computer is invented by human beings, its ability is incomparable to human beings. In data processing, the ability of computer is incomparable to human beings. For a complex data, it may take a year for human beings to calculate it manually, but it may only take dozens of seconds to input it into computer It’s time to finish.

It is with the help of powerful computer that human beings only need to study the core theory and technology, and all aspects of data processing are given to the computer, which greatly reduces the research time of scientists, and the computer will not make mistakes, and the error rate is very small, which can not be achieved by human manual calculation. With the updating and development of computers from generation to generation, the functions and computing speed are also developing rapidly. At the same time, in recent years, artificial intelligence has started and developed rapidly.


Artificial intelligence is different from ordinary computer. It has certain intelligence and can serve human more humanely. With artificial intelligence, intelligent robot corresponding to nature has become a hot research topic. Now some jobs have been replaced by robots. It can be said that it is an inevitable trend for intelligent robots to enter various industries and provide services in the future.

In addition to some intelligent robots that look like robots, there is another kind of robot that has simulated skin. This kind of robot is mainly beautiful robot. Why should we make artificial skin for robots? This is related to the needs of human beings. Many service industries need beauty. If you get a machine-shaped intelligent robot to serve, people will definitely feel uncomfortable, while beautiful intelligent robots will look good and make people visually comfortable.

Beauty intelligent robots are needed in many industries, such as hotel service desk, front desk receptionist, company public relations personnel, etc. as long as the industry and work need beauty, beauty intelligent robots are needed, and beauty intelligent robots are all beauties. If you don’t know it’s a robot in advance, you may feel that it’s the same as a real person, you need to know the intelligence Robots are not much different from human beings except for human emotions and thoughts.

In the future, artificial intelligence will be more and more developed, and beauty intelligent robots will enter all walks of life. Therefore, many men have raised such a question: can beauty robots be wives? Maybe now many people think that this is a bit too extraordinary, but if artificial intelligence develops to the advanced stage, there is no difference between intelligent machine and human intelligence, and it is even stronger than human intelligence in many aspects. Apart from not having emotion, it is exactly the same as reality.


In the future, many men may choose to marry a beautiful intelligent robot. There are several reasons. One is the imbalance between men and women. Now there are more women than men. However, this trend may not change very well in the future. If there are more women, there will be higher requirements. What must have a house, a car and money? These three conditions are the right choice for most women Although there are girls who are not material change, there are too few of them.

Another reason is that beautiful intelligent robots can do everything, such as washing clothes, cooking, and doing housework. They have no complaints yet. They completely follow your advice and do whatever they want. In reality, girls can cook less and less, many families do laundry, cooking, housework are done by men. You say which man is willing to do this every day, and his wife also loses his temper from time to time.

The last reason is to save money. Many people think that robots are very expensive and ordinary people can’t afford them. That’s because artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, and intelligent robots are also in their infancy, but with the rapid development of artificial intelligence. In the future, intelligent robots are bound to enter thousands of households, and the price will be very close to the people. Just like the popularity of mobile phones, cars are affordable for most families.


The future beauty intelligent robot is a one-time consumption, and the price is not expensive. If you buy it back, you can have an all-round beauty wife, and usually you won’t argue with you to buy this and that. The cost performance is super high. Who doesn’t want such a beautiful wife? Therefore, in the future, the beauty intelligent robot wife may become a trend of the times, and the relevant intelligent robot businesses will customize it according to the requirements of customers. You can choose what kind of robot wife you want.

Of course, it’s only a part of men’s choice for a beautiful intelligent robot to become a wife, but it’s more like going into thousands of households to become a nanny. There is a beautiful intelligent robot at home, which can help cook, wash clothes, do housework and take care of children. But it is said that it is an all-round intelligent housekeeper who helps the master take care of everything at home. Leisure people have more time to do other important things, such as scientific research.

However, many people still have a worry about artificial intelligence. The famous physicist Hawking once said that artificial intelligence may be a mistake made by human beings. The reason why I am worried about AI is that I am afraid that one day AI will evolve its own conscious thinking and emotions. Once AI has its own conscious thinking and emotion, it is no longer a machine, but an intelligent life just like human beings.

At this time, it’s hard to say whether artificial intelligence is willing to serve human beings. Once the event of artificial intelligence resisting human beings as described in the movie happens, human civilization may also face a major disaster. You know, although artificial intelligence does not have the ability to invent and create, its ability in data processing and manufacturing is unmatched by human beings. As long as AI can master the manufacturing data of many things, it can build a large number of intelligent robots and a large number of weapons in a short time.


However, it is not so easy for artificial intelligence to evolve its own consciousness and thinking. It takes hundreds of years for human beings to evolve from primitive life to intelligent life, while terror dominates the earth for 160 million years without evolving into intelligent life. Therefore, it is not so easy to become intelligent life. The probability that artificial intelligence wants to become mechanical life is very small. As long as human beings take some preventive measures, this kind of thing will not happen.

There is no doubt that the rapid development of artificial intelligence has brought great progress to human civilization. It can be said that all walks of life of human beings in the future can not do without artificial intelligence. On the way to explore the universe, human beings can not do without the help of intelligent robots. With the help of intelligent robots, many dangerous and unknown deep in the universe, planets can let intelligent machines explore the way, so that they can explore To speed up the exploration of the universe.

Guys, will you choose a beautiful intelligent robot as your wife? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your thoughts and opinions.


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