Will there be a “Guardian God” on the earth, or Chinese? Is Mars boy’s prediction true or false?

Today, human science and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds, but there are still many things that can not be explained. 2020 is an extraordinary year. Many people think that this year is too bad, which is the precursor of the end. After seeing this situation, many people have made predictions from many forecasters. These people think that the extraordinary year 2020 is just the beginning, including the Mars boy who is popular all over the world.


I believe you are no longer unfamiliar with the Martian boy. He was born in a small town in Russia. In our opinion, he is an ordinary little boy. But in fact, he has shown extraordinary language talent since childhood. At the age of two, he can read all kinds of books and discuss astronomical phenomena with adults. Martian boy’s language talent opens the door to a new world for him. Many people think that he is a child prodigy. What really makes him famous is his prediction of the earth. How can an 8-year-old child say such professional words?


Mars boy’s prediction


In fact, Martian boy is not an earthman. He claimed that he came from far away Mars. Because of the war, he was forced to come to the earth. At that time, he came to Lemuria. After hearing his remarks, his mother took him to many interviews. The Martian boy also made several predictions to the world. He believes that wars began to intensify frequently in 2011, and the second disaster of mankind is in 2020. Mankind has overcome these disasters through the strength of science and technology and the confidence of unity, but the disaster will continue in 2050.


Looking at his predictions, we can see that the first two predictions have actually come true. This result really surprised us. Isn’t the Martian boy really an earthman? His deeds have also attracted the attention of many scientists. They tried to communicate with Martian boys, and found that Martian boys were still talking about all kinds of things on Mars, all kinds of high technology and aircraft, which surprised scientists.


The patron saint of the earth


Many people follow the prediction of Mars boy one after another. They think that the prophet is real, but many people still scoff at it. How can a little boy’s words be regarded as the truth? He once said that there will be a protector on the earth in the future, which is a Chinese. When he saw the situation this year, he had to say that China’s control of the epidemic is still very obvious, which seems to show that the prediction of Mars boy has begun to come true.


Now the Martian boy has disappeared in the human vision. Some people claim that he and his mother have already returned to the countryside to live in seclusion. Others think that he has returned to his own Mars. What do you think?

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