Will there be human beings on the earth in 10000 years? Scientist: only a few people can survive

We usually assume that in a few years or decades, what changes will happen to our life and environment, and what impact will they have on ourselves and the whole society? What about thousands of years later? Even ten thousand years later? The average life span of human beings is less than 100 years old. No one knows what will happen in the distant future. It seems that 10000 years is really far away from human beings, but 10000 years can only be regarded as a flash in the pan for the earth, which is already 4.6 billion years old.


With the progress of science and technology, we gradually have a deeper understanding of the universe, life and the earth. Many scientists have begun to make a lot of analysis and prediction on the development direction and evolution trend of the earth after ten thousand years. Usually, we can see some people’s opinions in the forum, almost all with a deep color of science fiction, which seems to be reverie. But if we understand and predict from a scientific perspective, what will we find? What will happen in the distant future after 10000 years?

Scientists speculate that according to the current rate of global warming, after 10000 years, the longest continuous ice sheet on the earth, the whole of southeast Antarctica will no longer exist, and it is bound to flow to the sea, and the whole sea level will rise. According to the experiment, the Wilkes subglacial basin may collapse, the huge ice will dissipate in the ocean, and the melting of the huge ice will make the whole sea level rise again, which will undoubtedly be a disaster for some island countries. Some people say that by then, we may not have to care about the rise of sea level, there may be no human. This is very similar to the view put forward by Brandon Carter, an Australian theoretical physicist. After 10000 years, the probability of human extinction is as high as 95%. The birth of this view, caused a huge sensation, but people are speculating, after all, what will happen, no one knows, no one can accurately predict the future of mankind.


10 thousand years as like as two peas, if the future humans are still living on the earth, there will be no regional genetic differences between the whole human race, not that the whole human race will be the same. However, no matter whether the Western blue eyes or the eastern brown eyes are not large, the genes will not be greatly different, and they will be evenly distributed. According to scientists’ prediction, in 10000 years’ time, some red supergiant stars in the universe, Antarctica, are likely to explode and emit dazzling white light, even bright enough to be visible to the naked eye during the day on earth.


In other words, 10000 years later is too long. No matter what happens or whether human beings exist, it is still unknown. It is a clear principle handed down by the ancients to plant trees and enjoy the cool. To a great extent, the fate of mankind is in our own hands. For ourselves and our future generations, we should cherish the world we live in and live in peace with nature. We believe that our civilization can continue.

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