Will Voyager 1 be captured by extraterrestrial life? The future may be taken back by mankind

Since the beginning of exploring the universe, human beings have been looking for the existence of extraterrestrial life. In order to find extraterrestrial life, scientists launched the first expedition probe Voyager 1 decades ago. I believe many friends know that Voyager 1, an unmanned outer solar system space probe developed by NASA, was launched on September 5, 1977.

On August 25, 2012, Voyager 1 became the first spacecraft to cross the solar circle and enter the interstellar medium. As of January 2, 2018, Voyager 1 is 21.1 billion kilometers away from the sun. It records a lot of information about human beings and the earth, including the location of the earth, human information and 55 languages on the earth, as well as 27 pieces of music and many sounds from nature. Among them, Kurt Wald, the Secretary General of the United Nations at that time, expressed greetings on behalf of all mankind to the outer planet. All these are recorded in the simplest way.

It can be said that if Voyager 1 is really captured by extraterrestrial life, even if it is a civilization just entering the universe, it is easy to decipher the human and earth information on Voyager 1. Without any complicated encryption, we all record it in a very simple way. The purpose of human beings is that Voyager 1 can be captured by aliens, so that human beings can know the universe There are other intelligent civilizations among them.


Voyager-1 is the longest traveling detector of human detector at present. It has reached the edge of the solar system. Some people thought that voyager-1 has actually walked out of the solar system. But later, after scientists brought the Oort Nebula outside the solar system into the solar system, voyager-1 is still in the solar system. If you want to fly out of the Oort nebula, you can walk out of the solar system At the present rate, it will take tens of thousands of years.

So will Voyager one be captured by extraterrestrial life? Now it continues to fly beyond the solar system, with a speed of 17 kilometers per second. It is one of the fastest aircrafts of human beings. When scientists first designed it, they did not expect that it could fly for such a long time. This is a miracle in human history, and also a place that puzzles many scientists. Originally, Voyager 1 should have run out of energy for a long time, but now it can still run normally, and it has not reached the end of its life. Scientists are not sure how long it can run.

Voyager-1 is flying out of the solar system with the mission of mankind. According to the previous setting of the solar system, voyager-1 has actually flown out of the solar system and is going to the next star. No one can be sure whether it can be captured by extraterrestrial life. If it has not gone out of the solar system, the possibility of being captured by extraterrestrial is very small. With the rapid development of human space technology in recent years, it’s too late A series of explorations have been carried out in the solar system, and no intelligent life has been found in the solar system besides the earth. Even if there is life, it may be some simple life.

If the technology of extraterrestrial intelligent life is lower than that of the earth or similar to that of human civilization, even if Voyager 1 is discovered, it will be difficult to successfully capture it. However, if Voyager 1 encounters an extraterrestrial civilization much higher than that of the earth, capturing Voyager 1 will be very simple. Maybe people have discovered it and discovered human beings on the earth long ago, but due to the civilization The gap is too big, and I don’t want to contact and communicate with human beings.


In addition to the earth, there is almost no possibility of other civilized planets in the solar system. If there are other civilizations in the solar system, they must come from civilizations outside the solar system, and their civilization level will be much higher than that of the earth. The Oort nebula at the edge of the solar system has always been a blind area for human beings. The Oort Nebula has a range of one light year. What’s in it We don’t know what’s going on.

What Voyager 1 will encounter when it moves forward in the area of the Oort nebula is also unknown. Maybe there are other civilizations outside the solar system here, so it is possible for Voyager 1 to be discovered and captured. It is possible that extraterrestrial life has already discovered Voyager 1, but it has not been destroyed. After capturing, it just looks at the information inside and then releases Voyager 1 It’s also possible to live a long life. To be more bold, scientists didn’t think that Voyager 1 could not have such a long life. Is there a possibility?

Voyager I was captured by the extraterrestrial civilization when it came to the end of its life. After the alien intercepted the information of the earth and human beings, it not only did not destroy Voyager I, but also helped Voyager I to upgrade and regenerate. Therefore, it can continue to move forward and sail further into the deep space. If there is such a possibility, the existence of the earth and human beings may have been known for a long time.


If voyager-1 has not been known and captured by extraterrestrial life until now, human beings may take it back in the future. The main reason is that human beings now have a sense of crisis and do not want to be discovered by extraterrestrial civilization too early. Hawking has repeatedly warned mankind not to contact and contact with aliens. Hawking believes that aliens are not necessarily friendly, and that alien civilizations that can come to the earth from distant galaxies have far more technology than the earth. Once aliens want to invade the earth, human beings will have no resistance.

A few decades ago, human beings just started to explore the universe without thinking too far, so they sent Voyager 1 to look for extraterrestrial civilization. But now more and more people realize that this is not good. Human beings still have to hide and develop. Now human beings have too little understanding of the universe, and Science and technology are still too backward compared with the real interstellar civilization. Therefore, once the speed of mankind has made a major breakthrough in the future, it will send spacecraft to catch up with Voyager 1 and recover it.

Guys, do you think Voyager one has been discovered by extraterrestrial life? Welcome to comment below to discuss and express your opinion.

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