Will you be the next victim of elevator cannibalism and how to avoid it?

With the recent subway escalator incident in Turkey, the fear of elevator eating people has once again occupied people’s hearts. In recent years, domestic “elevator” incidents have also occurred repeatedly. Elevator was originally invented for the convenience of human beings, but now it has become a life grabbing machine. Why can such a major accident always appear around people? Safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. Whose connivance has led to people’s “turning pale when talking about ladders”. Let’s explore the causes of frequent elevator accidents.

First, the main responsibility: elevator safety inspection is not in place

Safety, safety or safety, every accident always seems to have something to do with “the safety inspection is not in place”, no matter the elevator or anything else. People always hold all kinds of fluke mentality, think that things will not happen in their own head, but do not know that the arrival of danger is never conditional. It is strongly recommended to replace some people who are really dedicated to their jobs to take up the security work, and do not say “goodbye” to the danger.

Second, the elevator quality problem: Black hearted businessmen

Elevator quality problems belong to individual problems. Some black hearted companies sell inferior goods for profits. This “capitalist” tragedy hopes that the state can strengthen supervision and management, and do not give bad people the opportunity to “do bad”.


Third, people’s awareness of self-protection is weak

This is also the most critical point. No matter how good the elevator is, there will inevitably be some “unexpected” things, which requires people to strengthen the construction of safety awareness. Because of the influence of mobile phones, modern people have become “bow headed people” when they go out, even when they cross the Road, which is extremely dangerous. It is suggested that people should restrain their impulse to play with mobile phones and pay attention to the surrounding environment,


Recognize the possible risks around and put an end to the birth of danger.

Fourth, people’s attitude: “magnanimous”

This is not to say that people are indifferent to the accident, but that there is no bottom line for the “big measure” of the Chinese people. If we can be as unforgiving as Japan is to those enterprises that have made mistakes, I think such tragedies will disappear in the future. Here, Xiaobian wants to say that Xiaobian doesn’t mean to flatter others, but some of their spirits and practices are worth learning. The sage said: when we see the good, we should think of the same thing, and when we see the bad, we should introspect ourselves.


These are the reasons for the frequent occurrence of elevator accidents. As the economy of our country becomes stronger and stronger, so does the military. People’s safety problems should be paid attention to and strengthened. This article only represents personal ideas, such as friends have different views, welcome to comment, praise and pay attention in the message area below, let’s learn and progress together.

This article is the original work of Gao Ze, the author of Jiujian


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