Winchester haunted house, built for 38 years, is still very mysterious

I believe that you are no stranger to haunted houses. In our life, there are thrilling haunted house explorations in the playground, and scary haunted house stories in film and television works.

Do you know the famous ghost houses in the world? Today I’m going to introduce Winchester’s haunted house, the best haunted house in America.

Winchester haunted house

Winchester haunted house is one of the most famous haunted houses in the world. It is said that Winchester haunted house has been built for 38 years. The owner is a widow named Sarah Winchester.

The main reason why Mrs Winchester built the house was to atone. Her husband is William Winchester, the inventor of the rifle. When William invented the rifle, the couple’s only daughter died. Five years later, William died, too.

Because of her husband’s death, Mrs. Winchester was tortured by ghosts. Later, she asked a wizard to help her. The wizard told Mrs. Winchester that because her husband invented the rifle, many people died of the rifle, so their families were cursed by the people who died under the gun.

In order to get rid of the ghost torment and break the curse, we must build a “house” for those souls to accommodate them, and the more strange the house, the better.

At that time, Mrs. Winchester inherited the property of the entire arms company and was very rich, so she did not hesitate to follow the wizard’s advice and built the Winchester haunted house, which lasted for 38 years.

The structure of Winchester haunted house

To accommodate ghosts, 160 rooms, 40 stairs, 2000 doors and 10000 windows were built.

The design of the house is more strange. There are too many doors and windows in the house, and sometimes even the windows on the floor suddenly open. Someone who doesn’t know may fall out of the window.

When some of the doors in the room were opened, there was no way out ahead, just a cold concrete wall. When some doors open, the front is empty. If the people who go in are not careful, they will fall from high into the garden under the building.

In order to prevent evil spirits from harming her, she turned the doorpost and mantel upside down, leaving evil spirits in the clouds. The house was like a labyrinth. All the aisles, secret doors and iron railings were so chaotic that they could confuse the evil spirits who followed her.

The haunted house was built for 38 years

Since 1884, superstitious Sarah Winchester has been building “Winchester haunted house”, until a big earthquake happened in San Francisco, the top three floors of the house collapsed, and Mrs. Winchester ordered people to start rebuilding again.

Sarah has been building Winchester’s haunted house for 38 years. Houses are growing, collapsing and rebuilding. It wasn’t until Sarah died in 1922 that the construction of Winchester’s haunted house stopped, and it’s still on its current scale.

At present, Winchester haunted house has become a tourist attraction. If tourists want to visit the haunted house, they must have a guide to guide them. Otherwise, once they get lost, it is difficult for them to get out.

Some tourists are still timid after visiting. They say that when they visit Winchester’s haunted house, they heard some strange sounds and saw some incredible phenomena.

At present, Winchester haunted house has become the largest and most terrible haunted house in the United States. Friends, if you are interested, you must not miss it! Welcome to collect and forward!

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