With so many disasters and events in 2020, what kind of warning will be given to mankind?

After the birth of the year A.D. of human civilization, there are very few years with even number repetition, such as 1010, 1111, 1212, etc. Basically every 100 years there will be such a double number of parallel years.

In ancient times, due to the lack of scientific development, there were no major events in even numbers every hundred years. However, since mankind entered the era of science and technology, science has brought about a period of rapid development of human civilization. A hundred years is enough to have a huge impact on the whole human civilization.

1919 was an even numbered year in the last century, during which many great events took place in the world. For example, the establishment of the Nazi party in Germany, the outbreak of the “March 1 anti Japanese uprising” in North Korea, the establishment of the Third International (Communist International), and so on. Among them, the most far-reaching one is the “Paris peace talks”, which established the world political situation between the first World War and the Second World War, and can be said to be a major reshuffle of the global political pattern.

China’s May 4th movement also took place in 1919. I believe many friends know its influence on China. There were so many big events in 1919 that many people are full of all kinds of expectations and worries in 2020. Last year, many forecasters were not optimistic about 2020, guessing that it might be a very bad year.

At that time, many people scoffed at these predictions, believing that 2020 would be a happy year. However, there is only one month left in 2020. Looking back at the whole year of 2020, we don’t see much happiness. On the contrary, we often hear that disasters like this and that happen in some part of the world.

It can be said that 2020 is indeed a very bad year. There are so many disasters that we can’t breathe. Now let’s review the disasters and events that happened in 2020. The first catastrophe in 2020, which continues from November 2019, is the Australian bushfire.

The fire lasted four months, 500 million animals died and a large number of animals were homeless. Australia’s primeval forests have also been burned. We can imagine that once a forest fire occurs, it will spread very fast. Even if it only burns for half a month, it will be a huge loss. The fire in Australia burned for four months, and almost all of them were burnt out.


The Australian fire also had a great impact on the global climate in 2020. When the Australian fire blaze, a more serious disaster involving the whole world took place. It was the COVID-19 that made people feel scared. The annual Spring Festival and Lantern Festival were originally very important and lively festivals in China, but the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in 2020 were overshadowed by the epidemic.

For COVID-19, at first, people thought that it would soon leave and people’s lives would return to normal. However, I didn’t expect that it would become more and more serious later and spread to the whole world. Until now, it is still going on. It may still exist for some time next year.

Global warming has always been a hot topic for people to discuss. In 2020, the high temperature is higher than people’s imagination. Many things that could not have happened before will appear in 2020. For example, in January 2020, scientists discovered vegetation at a height of 6159 meters on Mt. Everest. What an incredible phenomenon.


You know, Everest has always been a very cold area. Although there are some vegetation there, they are basically in a relatively low position. The highest height of Mt. Everest is 8848.43 meters, which is an altitude. The position of 6159 meters is not far from the peak. It should be a very cold area. However, vegetation has been found now. It can be seen that the temperature of the whole mount Everest is rising. It is possible that in the near future, Mount Everest will no longer be cold. It will no longer be a world of ice and snow, but will become a green peak.

In February, the temperature of Seymour island in Antarctica reached 20 degrees. Antarctica is the coldest region on the earth. There is a high temperature of 20 degrees here. Do you think it’s strange. In the eyes of tourists, it’s a good thing that Antarctica is getting warmer, and they can travel better, but in the eyes of scientists, they are not happy at all.

In March, a large amount of strange red snow appeared on the snow outside the Ukrainian National Antarctic Science Center in Antarctica, which is more commonly known as “watermelon snow”. In the ice and snow of Antarctica, the red snow looks so strange and scared.

At the beginning of 2020, desert locusts in Africa began to sprout, and a large number of locusts began to eat farmland, and more and more serious. This is the most serious locust disaster in Africa in the past 25 years, and it lasts for a very long time. On November 4, the locust disaster in Africa broke out again, posing a huge threat to the local food.


In June, the temperature in the Siberian town of verhoyansk in the Arctic Circle reached an unprecedented 38 degrees Celsius. It’s not surprising that this kind of temperature occurs in other areas. After the arrival of the high temperature season, 40 ℃ is already a temperature. But where is Siberia? I believe many friends know that it is a cold region juxtaposed with Antarctica.

The high temperature of 38 ℃ in the cold places broke the record of high temperature in the Arctic Circle, which made many experts feel incredible. At the same time, they were also deeply worried about the earth’s ecology. With the appearance of high temperature in Siberia, the permafrost began to melt, and a large amount of methane was released from the frozen soil, which caused various fires.

From July to August, the high temperature season is the highest, and the rainy season is more frequent. Therefore, during this period of time, high temperature and heavy rain were very frequent. The California fire almost reduced the two world-famous astronomical observatories to ashes. Fortunately, the fire brigade was on the alert before the Centennial foundation was finally not destroyed. The California wildfire has not really gone out. It is still going on. It may be affected by La Nina phenomenon. The California wildfire may last for a whole year from new year to April next year.


From July to August this year, China also suffered a very serious flood disaster, and many cities in the South were threatened by rainstorms and floods. 2020 is an extraordinary year and a year of frequent disasters. In March, the Denman glacier in Antarctica collapsed rapidly. In May, the science paper warned that the speed of Antarctic ice melting exceeded expectations. In August, the Milne ice shelf in Nunavut, Canada collapsed. In September, it was said that there was a 300 meter hole under the ice of the Switz glacier in Antarctica. One bad news after another made people feel flustered.

Now it’s winter, and the signs of La Nina phenomenon are more and more obvious. Climate organizations and experts are constantly warning that La Nina phenomenon may occur in 2020-2021, and China may face cold winter this year. Of course, this is not the final answer, but also the evidence of future climate development.

The above are some major natural disasters in 2020. More and more natural disasters are the warning from nature to mankind. It warns mankind that the deterioration of ecological environment has reached a very serious stage, and further development may lead the earth’s ecology into an irreversible situation. At that time, human beings were protecting the environment, and it was useless to make further efforts.

At the same time, nature also warns human beings that we should unite to tide over the difficulties and return the earth a beautiful tomorrow. Although these warning wishes of nature are beautiful, human beings do not pay enough attention to them. In terms of unity, it’s even more difficult to say. I believe many friends know that in 2020, in addition to natural disasters, there will also be many major events caused by contradictions and disputes among countries.


On the one hand, the earth’s ecological environment is rapidly deteriorating, and nature has repeatedly issued warnings, but we ignore them. On the other hand, the contradictions among human beings do not stop at all, and it is difficult to form a real unity. Without the joint efforts of all human beings, it is difficult to solve the problem of ecological deterioration of the earth.

Science and technology has brought a leap of civilization to mankind, but also brought about the deterioration of the ecological environment. In the future, to solve the problem of ecological deterioration, we still need to rely on science and technology. Only the powerful new energy such as controllable nuclear fusion can be realized, then the industrial pollution problem can be effectively controlled. However, it is not easy to achieve this. On the one hand, we are trying to explore new energy technologies, and on the other hand, the environment is deteriorating rapidly.

Now we are in a race against time. Before the complete collapse of the ecological environment, if we can develop new energy sources such as nuclear fusion, the future of the earth will be preserved. But if we fall before the dawn, ecological collapse in front, then the earth may never be able to recover, we will completely lose the earth this beautiful home.

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