With the acceleration of the earth’s rotation, experts predict that 2021 will be the shortest year. What does that mean

As we all know, the reference time of the earth’s rotation is 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds. During this period, the earth rotates 0.986 degrees around the sun. If we take the sun as a reference, a certain point of the earth will rotate for one cycle, and then it will just rotate towards the sun. Then, the earth needs to rotate for an additional 3 minutes and 56 seconds on the basis of one revolution around the earth’s axis. In this way, the earth’s rotation plus revolution completes a cycle around the sun’s axis, and the time is exactly 24 hours.

However, according to British media reports, scientists use the atomic clock to monitor the rotation speed of the earth in 2020, which is the fastest year since the monitoring record. Moreover, in 2021, the rotation speed will accelerate, 19 milliseconds higher than last year. What is the impact of the acceleration of the earth on us?


Here, Xiao Bian wants to tell you,

Don’t underestimate the power of the acceleration of the earth’s rotation!

It’s not just less than 24 hours a day. After some investigation, Xiao Bian is in a cold sweat. Next, I will tell you about the impact of the accelerated rotation of the earth on our lives.


First of all, we need to understand the principle of the acceleration of the earth’s rotation.

If you look closely at ballet dancers, you will find that their rotation speed increases when their hands are close to their bodies, while their autobiographical speed decreases when their arms are extended. This is because when the mass of the object is concentrated to the center of gravity, the rotation speed is easy to accelerate.


The same is true of the earth. When matter is more concentrated towards the center, its rotation will be faster. It’s like the magnitude 9 earthquake off the coast of Japan in 2011, which caused a lot of material to deposit deeper underground, shortening daily life by 1.8%. It’s the fastest day the earth’s rotation has ever been recorded.

If the speed of the earth’s rotation continues to increase, what impact will it have on our lives?

If the speed of the earth’s rotation continues to accelerate, human beings will be thrown out of the earth. Although this seems a bit exaggerated, there is a certain truth.


In fact, we are following the earth all the time, rotating at a very fast speed. When you live in the northern hemisphere, your moving speed is about 335.28 meters per second. The closer you get to the equator, the faster it will be. It can reach 447.04 meters per second, which is supersonic!

If the earth’s rotation speed continues to accelerate to about 17 times the present speed, the centrifugal force generated by the huge speed will let you successfully get rid of the earth’s gravity and become a comet.


In the same way, all the satellites launched by us in outer space will become disordered due to the increase of the earth’s rotation speed.

But before that? Your weight will drop as centrifugal force increases. So quickly go and weigh it to see if today’s you are lighter than yesterday’s.

Moreover, the sea level of the land near the equator will rise. This is because the increase of the earth’s rotation speed will suck the water from the north and south poles near the equator. For every 0.44704 meters per second increase in the rotation speed, the sea level will rise by several centimeters. Moreover, all kinds of typhoons and hurricanes will become more violent because of the increase of autobiographical speed.


However, you don’t have to worry too much. The increase in the speed of the earth’s rotation will not have much impact on the earth’s ecological environment. What we should take seriously is to protect the earth and nature.

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