With the continuous attack of Antarctic problems and large-scale melting of glaciers, the ancient creatures appeared tens of thousands of years ago!

46000 years ago, prehistoric creatures came to light again. Antarctica was the pure land of the earth. What’s the matter now?


Antarctica is famous for its severe cold, low temperature and harsh environment, so few people live here. It is one of the few pure land on the earth, because the temperature is too low, human did not want to develop here in the past. Scientists have inferred that there are at least 200 kinds of minerals needed by human beings in Antarctica. For various reasons, human beings have never thought of mining them.


Experts have discovered fossils from 46000 years ago


In recent years, the great change of temperature in Antarctica has led to dramatic changes in temperature. There have been traces of large-scale melting of glaciers. Many coastal cities are almost submerged. After the melting of glaciers, human beings will face a greater dilemma, that is, the ancient virus. Since it is said that it is an ancient virus, it means that it has been a long time since now. Through careful observation, experts once found paleontological fossils from 46000 years ago. According to its shape and structure, it is inferred that it is the ancestor of the white spirit bird. 46000 years ago, prehistoric creatures came to light again. Antarctica was the pure land of the earth. What’s the matter now?


This discovery has surprised scientists and worried them a lot. Melting glaciers is not a good thing. The appearance of these ancient creatures seems to ring an alarm bell for human beings. Antarctica was originally an inviolable area for human beings, because human beings can’t resist these areas. Now, due to global warming, human beings have to meet new disasters. With the emergence of many prehistoric events, human beings have to worry about the future development.


The impact of global warming


At present, what human beings should do is to control global warming. There are many reasons for global warming, such as the emission of carbon dioxide and methane. They are all greenhouse gases, which accumulate more and more over time, causing the greenhouse effect, and it is difficult for the temperature to rise or not. According to relevant statistics, tens of millions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane gas are released every year. These gases are integrated into the atmosphere, which has caused irreversible results. A few years ago, the United Nations signed a treaty to control carbon emissions and slow down the rate of global warming. All countries responded positively and made outstanding contributions.


Since 2020, all this seems to have returned to its original state. What’s more, it’s just a small beginning. The destruction of the earth by human beings has been backfired. Environmental problems have become increasingly serious, causing indelible damage to nature and triggering a series of butterfly effects. Everyone should have a sense of hardship, rather than lying in their own comfort zone. In the face of all kinds of problems, many people don’t think about how to solve them, but continue to wantonly destroy the earth, not knowing that the earth has already lost its original state. Don’t wait for the real danger to start.


The melting of glaciers has made a serious warning to human beings. For human beings, this is a good opportunity for change. If human beings can solve the problem from the source, control their own behavior, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, maybe there is a turning point for all this. If human beings still have no consciousness and continue to move, there is really no remedy. What do you think of the emergence of Antarctica What’s your opinion? You can leave a message for interaction.

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