With the emergence of sex robots, there is a large area of crisis. How can this cold machine replace human beings?

There are a lot of movies related to robots, but Xiaobian believes that many people have seen movies about artificial robots killing humans. At that time, it felt so far away. How could artificial robots have emotions, think independently, learn and even fall in love with people like real humans. But recently, the emergence of sex robots seems to make it all real.


As early as 2015, the first sex robot “roxxy” appeared. At that time, in addition to all the functions of inflatable dolls, the sex robot could also send e-mail to its owner, upgrade its own program online, automatically expand its vocabulary and even chat with others. But the sex robot “roxxy” at that time was a little different from “harmony” today.

“Harmony” is the first generation of female sex robot that just appeared recently (that is to say, the previous “roxxy” does not count at all). It costs about 4000 pounds (about 35000 yuan), but after the purchase, the buyer still has to pay a fee every year for the robot’s system upgrade and continuously update its database. This robot is different from the traditional sex doll. It can evolve AI system and has 12 personality traits, including innocence, kindness, sexuality, friendliness, shyness, etc. in addition to the sex mode, Samantha also has a family mode. She can tell stories, tell jokes, express feelings, express opinions, and is versatile. But its most terrible function is that it has learning function, that is to say, what it didn’t or didn’t have before may be acquired through the acquired learning. Of course, harmony, like some advanced inflatable dolls, has the function of internal heating, which can simulate the real human body temperature.


At present, some experts predict that humans can legally marry robots by 2050. So the question is, when man-made robots gradually evolve and upgrade, and are no different from human beings in function and appearance, once human beings have love with them, what about real women? It’s true that there are no such examples. There has been news in the news media that single men and physical dolls will spend the rest of their lives together. A physical doll without any response will do so. What about a robot that can interact with you and have learning function? Is the bridge in the movie to become a reality?


One of the inventors of “harmony”, Arran Lee squire, once said that their original intention of creating “harmony” is not to replace human beings, but as a supplement, to supplement what we didn’t have in our life, or to supplement what we couldn’t do but wanted. Nicolas aujula, a behavioral therapist, said: “I believe that sex robots are good partners for people who are in pursuit of stimulation. Therefore, this can greatly reduce the phenomenon of sexual violence. At the same time, it can also reduce the transmission of sexual diseases (such as AIDS), rape, unintended pregnancy and other phenomena. “

Of course, any progress is a double-edged sword, good and bad. The advent of sex robots brings convenience, family, love and supplement to people, but also brings ethical issues and security issues. Some people even say that if hackers invade AI systems, sex robots can be used to achieve crimes such as assassination. What do you think of such a controversial thing?


The following is the live video of Dr. squire, the inventor of harmony, carrying a sex robot


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