With the rapid development of science and technology, what will be the fate of the earth and mankind in 1000 years?

Human beings were born millions of years ago. Millions of years is a very short time for the evolution of a life. There have been many creatures on the earth. Some of them have dominated the earth for 160 million years. They are dinosaurs. Although dinosaurs have dominated the earth for a long time, they still haven’t evolved into intelligent life.

After the extinction of dinosaurs, human beings appeared, and it took only millions of years to give birth to wisdom and become the new overlord of the earth. The development after the birth of mankind has not developed very fast for a long time. The real period of rapid development of human civilization is the industrial revolution that began 300 years ago. From the beginning of the industrial revolution, mankind has embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. It is the rapid development of science and technology that has made mankind accomplish an incredible feat in just a few hundred years.

Although the development of science and technology has been 300 years, the real period of rapid development is nearly 100 years. In the past 100 years, human civilization has undergone earth shaking changes. We have realized our dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the mysteries of the universe. There is no end to the power of science and technology. No one knows where human civilization will go in the future and how powerful it will be. Therefore, some people ask this question: with the speed of the development of science and technology, what will be the fate of the earth and mankind in 1000 years?


1000 years is actually a very short time in the long course of civilization development. If it is in the era before the development of science and technology, human civilization will not change much in 1000 years. In the 5000 years of China, human civilization has not developed very fast. From the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, it has been more than 1000 years, and human civilization has not achieved explosive development. This is the era before human civilization began the industrial revolution, and there will not be much change in a thousand years.

However, when human beings enter the era of scientific and technological development, the situation will be very different. Driven by science and technology, human civilization will have obvious changes every 10 years. 1000 years is enough time for the earth and human beings to make great changes. What changes will happen? The essence of the development of scientific and technological civilization is energy. Every energy revolution will make great changes in human civilization. The sign of the beginning of the industrial revolution is also the emergence of energy and steam engine.

We are now using chemical energy, nuclear energy can also use nuclear fission, these energies have a very large pollution, will cause great damage to the earth’s ecological environment. Therefore, what we see is that the earth’s environment is deteriorating and the global temperature is rising. In fact, it is the energy used in the development of human science and technology. As long as human use chemical energy, it will inevitably cause pollution to the environment. This is an unchangeable fact. So now scientists have no way to deal with the worsening of the earth’s environment.

If we want to change this situation, we have to give up chemical energy completely, and the rapid development of human science and technology cannot do without these chemical energy, unless there is another completely clean and powerful energy that can completely replace chemical energy. If so, does it mean that after 1000 years, the earth’s environment will deteriorate to the point where human beings cannot survive? Of course not. Although the earth’s environment is still deteriorating, this deterioration will stop in a few hundred years. The reason is very simple. At that time, another energy revolution will begin.


The pace of human science and technology is constantly moving forward, so is the development of energy. The next energy revolution of mankind is actually controllable nuclear fusion. This kind of completely clean and pollution-free energy has huge energy. As long as mankind has fully realized controllable nuclear fusion technology, we will not worry about energy any more, and chemical energy will be completely replaced.

With the powerful nuclear fusion energy, our daily energy needs will be replaced by it, and those oil, natural gas, coal, combustible ice, etc. will be abandoned. Without these chemical energy pollution, the deterioration of the earth’s environment will stop. And the earth itself has the ability of self-regulation, without pollution sources, the earth’s ecological environment will self repair, and gradually become a bird garden, a beautiful planet with blue sky and white clouds.

Therefore, the earth in 1000 years will be much more beautiful than it is now, with clear air, clear rivers and green vegetation everywhere. At that time, the earth was a beautiful home and the mother planet of mankind. This is the fate of the earth after a thousand years, so what will be the fate of mankind?


When mankind has achieved controllable nuclear fusion hundreds of years later, the great development of human civilization has begun. Although we have entered space to explore, the effect is actually very small. The reason is that we do not have the advantage of speed, our spacecraft is still very backward, there is no gravity system, there is no powerful energy, we can not land on other planets, let alone go out of the earth to explore .

With the nuclear fusion energy, the nuclear fusion engine will naturally be developed. At that time, the speed of the spacecraft will reach the speed of sub light, infinitely close to the speed of light. When the spaceship can fly at the speed of sublight, it will be of great significance. After 1000 years, the human spaceship has become a real interstellar spaceship. Landing on other planets is easy. Even planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto can land easily.

At this time, human steps will not stay on the earth. We will transform several planets in the solar system, such as Mars and Venus. After transforming them, some human beings will migrate to these planets for life and development. Of course, the speed of the spacecraft to achieve sub light speed flight, the solar system can not bind us, we can easily fly out of the solar system to explore the surrounding galaxies.

Human beings will find many earth like planets similar to the earth outside the solar system, and also find many planets suitable for human survival. The expansion of human migration will also accelerate. We will colonize these planets suitable for human survival, and human beings will step out of the solar system and expand outward. At the same time, the existence of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization is no longer a secret. Human beings also contact with extraterrestrial civilization outside the solar system, and establish diplomacy with them, exchange with each other and make common progress.


Of course, because the speed of human spaceship is only sub light speed, the scope of the universe we can explore will not be too far, that is, galaxies within a radius of 100 light years, which is already a very large scope for human beings. Some people may say that if human beings want to expand, it must take a lot of population. How many people will there be in 1000 years?

When human civilization expands to the planet, there will be more and more demand for population. Every time we find a planet suitable for survival, we have to emigrate some people to the past. Therefore, at that time, human beings would vigorously promote various conditions to encourage childbearing, and people would no longer have to worry about being unable to bear or support. In this way, the human population in 1000 years will not be less than 100 billion.

Of course, so many people can’t be concentrated on the earth, and the earth can’t accommodate so many people. They will be scattered on many planets discovered by human beings. 1000 years later, the earth is the mother star of human civilization and the place of cultural prosperity. It is not easy to live on the earth for a long time. Just like Beijing, it is not so easy to become a resident of Beijing.


Therefore, the earth’s population will not be too large in 1000 years, which may be billions, but these billions are elites in various industries. Only human elites and talents can apply to become residents of the earth. This is only the development of human civilization in 1000 years. If the time is longer, such as 10000 years, no one can know how far human civilization will develop.

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