Within a thousand years, mankind is expected to master three kinds of energy, each of which will bring about a qualitative leap in human civilization

Since the big bang of the universe 13.8 billion years ago, countless kinds of things have been born, among which the birth of life is the most magical. The earth is very lucky to be a planet of life, and after billions of years of evolution, life finally gave birth to intelligent human beings millions of years ago.

After the birth of mankind, after millions of years of evolution, we finally have the brilliant scientific and technological civilization. Throughout the history of human development, we will find that the speed of human development is a progressive model of the pyramid, the faster the development is.

It took millions of years from the birth of human beings to the formation of human civilization 10000 years ago. It took more than 6000 years for human civilization to use and manufacture the simplest iron utensils. Then, after thousands of years, mankind entered the road of scientific and Technological Development 300 years ago.


When human beings enter the era of science and technology, the development speed is faster and faster, especially in the past 50 years, the development speed of science and technology is amazing, there are a large number of new technologies appear almost every year. From this, we can imagine that the speed of human development in the next few hundred years and a thousand years may exceed our imagination. Now for us, many unsolved Scientific Mysteries may be solved in the near future.

Especially in space exploration, the speed of development in the next millennium may exceed our imagination. The rapid development of human civilization is inseparable from the rapid development of energy. It took us about one million years to develop from primitive people who only know how to make simple hunting tools to self-sufficient farming society; it took us ten thousand years to develop from low productivity farming society to relatively developed industrial society; and it only took us ten thousand years to develop from industrial society to today’s information age It took hundreds of years.

This process of increasing development speed is actually a continuous breakthrough in energy. To know that the most important symbol of human becoming intelligent life is the use of tools and fire. The important sign of human entering the era of science and technology is the emergence of steam engine. Thus, every qualitative leap of human civilization has an important sign.

In fact, this important sign is also a major breakthrough in energy. Human beings can have the glorious era of science and technology, and can go out of the earth to explore the universe. The core is the application of energy. Powerful energy represents powerful energy. With powerful energy, we can go out of the earth and explore a broader universe.


But how to measure the power of energy? To measure whether an energy source is powerful or not, there is an important standard, that is speed. The rapid development of human science and technology is actually the continuous improvement of the speed of transportation. Speed is the law of the king and is always the truth. With super fast transportation, human beings can travel all over the earth and explore the universe.

In order to realize the comprehensive exploration of the universe, humans also need faster spacecraft speed. In order to achieve faster spacecraft speed, we need more powerful energy, and the breakthrough of energy has become an important symbol of the realization of a qualitative breakthrough in human civilization. Scientists believe that human beings are expected to master three kinds of powerful energy within a thousand years, each of which will bring a qualitative leap in human civilization.

1、 Controllable nuclear fusion, the power of nuclear energy, I believe everyone is familiar with, since the first atomic bomb exploded in Japan, its powerful power shocked people’s hearts. Since then, nuclear energy has officially entered people’s field of vision, and scientists have been studying and exploring the application of nuclear energy. There are two applications of nuclear energy, one is nuclear fission, the other is nuclear fusion.


At present, what human beings can use is nuclear fission, and the energy of nuclear fusion is far stronger than that of nuclear fission. For nuclear fusion, what many people think of naturally is the nuclear fusion reaction inside the sun and the powerful energy of stars in the universe. I believe everyone knows it very well. If human beings master controllable nuclear fusion, it will bring a qualitative leap to human civilization.

There are many advantages of nuclear fusion, it can not only produce very powerful energy, but also by-products of nuclear fusion without any pollution, is a very clean energy. The raw material for nuclear fusion is also very common, which is the most abundant water on earth.

Because the energy produced by nuclear fusion is very powerful, using it as the energy of spacecraft will make the speed of spacecraft achieve a qualitative leap. According to the estimation of scientists, the speed of nuclear fusion spacecraft may reach sub light speed. Although the speed of sublight is tortoise speed in the cosmic scale, it is already very fast for human beings. It can let us go out of the solar system to explore the surrounding galaxies and open the real space age.

With the speed of subluminal flight, every corner of the solar system will no longer be a secret to us. Various resources of the solar system can also be mined, and mankind will enter the era of space mining. With sufficient resources, the development speed of human civilization will achieve a qualitative leap.


2、 Antimatter energy, controllable nuclear fusion energy is powerful, but it is still within the scope of visible material energy. In human cognition, invisible things are mysterious and powerful. In the early 20th century, scientists first proposed the probability of antimatter. The so-called antimatter is relative to positive matter.

Antimatter is the anti state of normal matter. In our daily life, matter is positive. In the micro field, electrons are negative and protons are positive. After scientists put forward antimatter, positrons and negative protons are antiparticles, which we can’t observe in normal reality.

After putting forward the concept of antimatter at first, many people think that it is just a conjecture, and it is impossible for antimatter to exist in reality. But later, with the research and exploration of scientists, antiparticles were produced through particle accelerated collision, so the existence of antimatter has been confirmed.


When the positive and negative matter meet, the two sides will annihilate and cancel each other, explode and produce huge energy. After decades of research, scientists believe that antimatter energy should be one of the strongest energy sources that can be controlled by human beings, because its mass energy conversion rate has reached 100%, which is far higher than that of nuclear fusion.

Scientists have calculated that if a gram of antimatter and positive matter annihilate, it will release three times as much energy as the atomic bomb launched in Hiroshima that year. If it is used as fuel for spaceship, the energy released by it can easily accelerate the spaceship to sub light speed.

Some people may have said that the energy of nuclear fusion can also accelerate the spacecraft to sub light speed, but sub light speed is also divided into different levels. The energy of nuclear fusion can only accelerate to one percent of the speed of light, while antimatter can achieve sub light speed of one tenth of the speed of light or even faster.

3、 Dark matter energy, dark matter and antimatter are both invisible matter, but dark matter is more mysterious and powerful. The existence of antimatter, we have been able to create in the laboratory, but we can only confirm the existence of dark matter through some cosmic phenomena, but we can not make or capture it. Therefore, now dark matter is only a kind of matter existing in theory, and it has not been obtained in reality.


According to the research of scientists, dark matter and dark energy are the core of the universe, and may be the biggest mystery of the universe. If we can master the dark matter and dark energy, then the speed of the spacecraft is likely to achieve the speed of light, so that human civilization can achieve a new leap.

4、 Space energy, if you want to ask what is the most mysterious thing in the universe, maybe many people will answer that it is space and time. We all know that all the stars in the universe are spinning in order, so where is the energy that promotes this order? Some say that this energy comes from gravity, others say it comes from dark energy.

No matter what, this mysterious space power is undoubtedly very powerful. We live in the space of the universe, and there is no power comparable to the power of space. As long as we master this kind of space power, it will no longer be a problem to shuttle through the universe at will. At that time, the speed of the spacecraft will break through the shackles of traditional speed, so as to realize the leap of space, which is far faster than the speed of light.


Each of the above four kinds of energy is stronger than the other, which naturally makes human beings extremely expect. However, many people will say, can human beings really realize the application of these four kinds of power within a thousand years? In fact, Xiaobian also believes that although the potential and development speed of human beings are amazing, it may be impossible to master these four kinds of energy in a thousand years, especially the last kind of space energy, which is far more difficult than we think.

What human beings will be able to grasp in a thousand years is controllable nuclear fusion and antimatter energy. If the development speed is fast enough, the third kind of dark matter energy may be mastered, but for the fourth kind of space energy, it may take a longer time to master.

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